ESI Ergo Climb2 Dual-Monitor Sit-Stand Workstation


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  • Dual Monitor Height Adjustable Pneumatic Arm with Tilting Keyboard Platform Adjustment – SILVER Finish
  • Monitors can be rotated for viewing in landscape or portrait orientations.
  • Clamps to the back of the work surface
  • Can mount to work surfaces 30″ deep or less
  • 6″ of clearance is needed underneath the work surface for the desk clamp
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The ideal sit-to-stand workstation for dual-monitor use The ESI Ergo CLIMB2-SLV is a budget-friendly sit-to-stand solution for dual-monitor use. It is designed for straight surface applications (24-30 deep) using a desk clamp which is mounted at the back of the work surface. It provides 17-inches of pneumatic height adjustment and a weight capacity of 20 lbs. The CLIMB2 features a keyboard platform with reversible palm support for left or right handed users along with a large writing surface to keep all tasks within a neutral reach zone while seated or standing. The CLIMB2-SLV comes in silver finish. The monitor can be rotated in landscape or portrait orientation Monitors can be adjusted 12-inches vertically and 7.5-inches horizontally to a comfortable position and viewing distance. Monitors are fixed at an 8° angle toward each other. They can also be rotated for viewing in landscape or portrait orientation. The arms can be adjusted 19.5-inches up and down the pole. When adjusted correctly, the user can enjoy a monitor distance from 18 to 24-inches as recommended by ergonomists.

Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 17 × 8 in