ESI Evolve2 Dual Monitor Arms with Dynamic Height Adjustment


Do you have two monitors now, but want the flexibility to add on more monitors for potential future needs?  With the Evolve platform, you have this flexibility to grow from 1-6 monitors, buying only the parts that you need at that time.

  • The EVOLVE-Series Dual Monitor arm includes w/ 2 Motion Limbs, 2 Fixed Limbs And 2 Sliders, SILVER Finish
  • An arm height adjustment range of 4.5″ to 26.5″.
  • Monitor extension: 28.75″
  • Monitor retraction: 4″
  • Monitor tilt +30/-25 degrees
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Featuring a 180 degree lockout and VESA plate’s quick release The ESI Ergo EVOLVE2 is a silver dual monitor arm with a 4.4 – 15.4 lb weight capacity. The arm height adjustment ranges from 4.5 to 26.5 with a monitor extension of 28.75/ retraction of 4. The monitor rotates +90/-90 degrees, tilts +30 degrees and -25 degrees and features 180 degrees lockout and VESA plate quick release. The EVOLVE2 includes both a desk clamp and grommet mount and has a 15 year warranty. The EVOLVE2 fits the ever-changing needs of virtually any workspace and any user. The adjustable monitor arm gives users the ability to control the angle, distance and height of the monitor for optimum viewing.


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