ESI Evolve2 Dual Monitor Arms with Dynamic Height Adjustment

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Do you have two monitors now, but want flexibility to add on more monitors for potential future needs?  With the Evolve platform, you have this flexibility to grow from 1-6 monitors, buying only the parts that you need at that time.

  • The EVOLVE-Series Dual Monitor arm includes w/ 2 Motion Limbs, 2 Fixed Limbs And 2 Sliders, SILVER Finish
  • An arm height adjustment range of 4.5″ to 26.5″.
  • Monitor extension: 28.75″
  • Monitor retraction: 4″
  • Monitor tilt +30/-25 degrees


Featuring a 180 degree lockout and VESA plate’s quick release The ESI Ergo EVOLVE2 is a silver dual monitor arm with a 4.4 – 15.4 lb weight capacity. The arm height adjustment ranges from 4.5 to 26.5 with a monitor extension of 28.75/ retraction of 4. The monitor rotates +90/-90 degrees, tilts +30 degrees and -25 degrees and features 180 degrees lockout and VESA plate quick release. The EVOLVE2 includes both a desk clamp and grommet mount and has a 15 year warranty. The EVOLVE2 fits the ever-changing needs of virtually any workspace and any user. The adjustable monitor arm gives users the ability to control the angle, distance and height of the monitor for optimum viewing.