ESI Solution 90 Keyboard Tray System for Corners


  • AA355DS 7.5 Dual Swivel Mechanism + PL003CC-25 Cut Corner Platform
  • PL003CC-25 Keyboard platform 25″ cut corner platform
  • For left or right handed users
  • AA355DS articulating mechanism 21.75″ glide track, Lift and Lock
  • 9.3″ height adjustment (3.42″ above to 5.88″ below track)


25-inch cut corner keyboard platform (PL003CC-25) with articulating arm (AA355DS). The ESI Ergo SOLUTION 90 includes a keyboard platform (PL003CC-25), articulating mechanism (AA355DS), leatherette covered gel palm rest, nonslip pad, mouse platform, mouse guard, and cord clips at no extra charge. The keyboard platform (PL003CC-25) features 25-inch cut corners and is designed for left or right handed users. The articulating mechanism (AA355DS) provides dual swivel adjustability and 9.3 height adjustment (3.42 above to 5.88 below track). It comes equipped with 21.75 glide track and Lift & Lock. The SOLUTION 90 combo solution is backed by a lifetime warranty.