ESI Solution Ultra Keyboard Tray

ESI Solution Ultra Keyboard Tray System


The ESI Solution Ultra Keyboard Tray helps to alleviate discomfort or pain felt from having a keyboard and mouse poorly placed. This keyboard tray can rotate 360°, adjust to different heights, and angles. This keyboard tray was designed to work out of rounded corner workstations.

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Overview of the ESI Solution Ultra Keyboard Tray:

Switch-n-Click convertible platform (PL217) with articulating arm (AA360). The ESI Ergo SOLUTION ULTRA Combo includes a keyboard platform (PL217), articulating arm (AA360), leatherette covered gel palm rest, nonslip pad, mouse pad, mouse guard, and cord management clips at no extra charge. The keyboard platform (PL217) is recommended for straight-edge work surfaces. It is perfect for left or right-handed users. The articulating arm (AA360) provides a 7-inch height adjustment (2.5 above to 4.5 below track) and comes equipped with 21 glide track and lift & lock. The SOLUTION ULTRA combo solution is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Ergonomic Problems that the ESI Solution Ultra Keyboard Tray Solves:

  • Rounded corner workstations are difficult to place keyboard trays in
  • Workstations may not have a height convenient for the user
  • Straining to type or mouse can cause injury
  • Focus and productivity decreases as pain and discomfort increases

Benefits of Using the Ultra Keyboard Tray:

  • Allows for keyboard tray use in a rounded corner
  • Allows for proper adjustment to an ergonomic position
  • Avoid pain or discomfort
  • Stay happy and productive

This Keyboard Tray is Recommended for:

Keyboard trays allow an adjustment of the angle and height of the keyboard and mouse which can alleviate pressure and strain on the arms, wrists, and hands. This keyboard tray is a great choice for users who feel they may be straining or hurting themselves due to the placement of their keyboard and mouse.


  • Recommended for radius corner worksurfaces
  • PL217 keyboard platform
    • Includes: Gel palm rests, Mouse pad, Mouse guards, Cord management clips
    • Made from black 0.3″ thin phenolic
  • 18.8″ keyboard platform with 9.3″ switch-and-click mousing platform
  • AA360 articulating arm
  • Lift‑and‑lock height adjustment
  • 21.0″ glide track
  • 21.0″ clearance required for full retraction
  • ±15º tilt adjustment
  • 7.0″ height adjustment range
    • 2.5″ above track | 4.5″ below the track
  • 360º glide track rotation
  • Positions flush with worksurface
  • Warranty:
    • 15 yr. articulating arm/platform
    • 2 yr. palm rest/mouse pad

The ESI Solution Ultra Keyboard Tray is Recommended to Be Used with the Following Products:

Additional information

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 14 × 7 in