Goldtouch ErgoSecure 2.0 SmartCard Keyboard


From the government to the private sector, today’s digital world requires a secure computing experience. The Goldtouch ErgoSecure 2.0 Keyboard offers just that, fluidly combining ergonomic comfort with state-of-the-art security technology.

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Overview of the ErgoSecure 2.0 Keyboard:

The Goldtouch ErgoSecure  Keyboard adjusts effortlessly through our patented ball and lever-locking mechanism and features a soft key touch. The keyboard is equipped with the CLOUD 2190F Smart Card Chip integrated directly into the keyboard body and has passed the following certifications: Microsoft WHQL, EMV Level 1, Mondex, CAC, PIV, American Express, Entrust

Ergonomic Problems that the Goldtouch ErgoSecure 2.0 Keyboard Solves:

  • Traditional keyboard create awkward angles at the wrist
  • Keyboards with numeric pads make it so the mouse is farther away, straining the arm
  • Repetitive motions may lead to serious disorders of the muscles

Benefits of Using the Goldtouch ErgoSecure Keyboard:

  • The split keyboard reduces strain on the wrists
  • Type for longer times without noticing any discomfort
  • Improve productivity throughout the day without hurting yourself
  • Keep your mouse in a more ergonomic position with this compact keyboard

The ErgoSecure 2.0 Keyboard is Recommended for:

Users who need a certain level of security shouldn’t need to sacrifice comfort. This keyboard offers a level of security and comfort that no other keyboard can provide.


  • Provides 0°-30° of horizontal splay and 0°-30° of vertical tenting to help align and straighten your wrists, arms and shoulders
  • Equipped with a fully integrated scm stc ii smart card chip, fully compliant with security regulations
  • Operates in both synchronous and asynchronous mode
  • 3v and 5v selectable and provides a totally adjustable transaction speed
  • Features full-size tactile feedback keys to further increase comfort

The Goldtouch ErgoSecure 2.0 Keyboard is Recommended to Be Used with the Following Products:

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Dimensions 10 × 3 × 16 in