GrandStands Lady Bug Platform & EasyLift Arm Combo

The Lady Bug Platform & EasyLift Arm combo offers all of the benefits of having a Lady Bug platform with a mechanism that allows for 360° swivel, height adjustability, and tilt adjustability so the user can place their platform at whatever placement best for them.

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Overview of the Lady Bug Platform & EasyLift Arm Combo:

The Lady Bug Platform & EasyLift Arm combo consists of a compact keyboard platform that requires a mouse tray.  The Slide-Lock adjusts without tools for infinite positioning and is reversible for both right- and left-handed users. The unique Ladybug platform shape allows the Slide-Lock mouse to be positioned to keep the elbow close to the body. The EasyLift Dial Tilt Arm has a 21 3/4″ track, the ability to swivel 360°, height adjustability of 8 1/2″ (2¼” above mounting surface), and positive and negative tilts.

Ergonomic Problems that the Lady Bug Platform & EasyLift Arm Combo Solves:

  • Improper keyboard placement causes strain on the wrists
  • Repetitive strain can lead to serious injury
  • Uncomfortable employees are less productive

Benefits of Using this GrandStands Keyboard Platform:

  • Allows for personal adjustment of keyboard and mouse placement
  • Reduces need to strain arms and wrists
  • Avoid discomfort and injury
  • Improves productivity

This Keyboard Platform is Recommended for:

This keyboard platform is recommended for users who need a keyboard tray and prefer having a designated area for their mouse. The rounded design would allow it to work in a rounded corner workstation as well.


  • EasyLift Dial Tilt Arm

    • Dial Tilt indicator and height gauge
    • Spring assisted
    • 8½” height adjustment (2¼” above mounting surface)
    • Knob drive for precise tilt adjustment, 10º positive, 15º negative
    • 360º swivel
    • Retractable on 21¾” glide track

  • Lady Bug Platform with Slide Lock Mouse

    • 24″ wide x 12″ deep rear-curved platform (overall width with Mouse Tray is 30″)
    • Custom memory foam palm rest, non-skid pads for keyboard
    • ARC design allows elbows to stay closer to the body for ergonomic positioning
    • Mousing surface is ¼” above keyboard surface
    • Ideal for corner applications
    • Tray adjusts without a tool for infinite mouse positions including left or right hand mousing that provides maximum, rock-solid stability, comes standard with one Mouse Catcher
    • 7¾” wide mouse surface with one metal mouse bar and microfilm mousing surface
    • Ultra Strong ¼” thick phenolic life-time material

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