lady bug mouse attachment

GrandStands Lady Bug Mouse Attachment

The Lady Bug mouse attachment is a keyboard platform attachment that doesn’t need a tool to attach, can attach the right or left side, and has a guard that won’t let the mouse slide off.

This attachment works best with the GrandStands Milan series keyboard platform but works with most 1/4″ thick keyboard platforms.

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Can be added to Grand Stands Milan platforms and ¼” thick platforms from most manufacturers.

Overview of the Lady Bug Mouse Attachment:

The Lady Bug mouse attachment is meant for the GrandStand Milan platforms but can be added to most 1/4″ thick platforms. This attachment can be attached and removed without a tool and can be used on both the right and left sides. It also comes equipped with a guard that won’t allow the mouse to fall off.

Ergonomic Problems that the Lady Bug Attachment Solves:

  • Too big a keyboard may take up all of the keyboard platforms
  • Reaching for the mouse may cause injury to the arm
  • Uncomfortable employees are less productive

Benefits of Using this Mouse Attachment:

  • Keep mouse within a proper amount of reach
  • Reduces need to strain arms and wrists
  • Avoid discomfort and injury
  • Improves productivity

The Lady Bug Attachment is Recommended for:

The Lady Bug mouse attachment is best for users who are using a Milan series keyboard platform or users with a 1/4″ thick keyboard platform. Also if there isn’t enough space on your keyboard platform, this attachment creates a space specifically for your mouse.


  • Tray attaches and can be moved without a tool
  • Infinite mouse positions left or right-hand mousing provides rock-solid stability, comes standard with one mouse trim
  • 7¾” wide mouse surface with mouse trim and microfilm mousing surface
  • Ultra-strong ¼” thick phenolic life-time material
  • Mouse tray ¼” above keyboard surface

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