Mongoose Lift Bracket

GrandStands Mongoose Lift Bracket

The Grandstands Mongoose Lift Bracket was designed specifically for the Mongoose II sit-stand mechanism in order to make it 6″ taller. This accommodates taller users of the sit-stand mechanism and makes them more comfortable. This attachment can still be added to any Grandstands keyboard platform.

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Overview of the Mongoose Lift Bracket:

Building on the success of the Mongoose ll sit-stand keyboard arm, Grandstands has developed an exclusive, patent-pending Lift Bracket that raises the platform to 43″ + tilt when mounted on a fixed 29″ surface. The Lift Bracket Mounts to the keyboard arm exactly in between the mechanism and platform. In the closed position, users can key and mouse comfortably while working at seated height. When extended to it’s 6” height, the keyboard and mouse are raised to accommodate standing elbow heights between 38″-45″ depending on the height of the desk and position of the arm. The Lift Bracket can be bundled with any Grandstands platform.

Ergonomic Problems that the Mongoose Lift Bracket:

  • Awkward posture and positions can lead to injury
  • Uncomfortable employees are less productive

Benefits of Using this Lift Bracket:

  • Raise the keyboard platform to a proper height
  • Reduces need to strain arms and wrists
  • Avoid discomfort and injury
  • Improves productivity

This Lift Bracket is Recommended for:

This attachment is best for users who already have a Grandstands keyboard tray that doesn’t reach the height they need when standing or possibly when sitting.

The Mongoose Lift Bracket is Recommended to Be Used with the Following Products:

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