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Commercial Grade Sit Stand Desk-
| 15 Year Warranty



The 24 x 48 and 30 x 60 top sizes ship within 48 hours, all other sizes ship within a few weeks. All desks are commercial grade and whether you’re 4’11, 5’10, or 6’7 the three-stage base supports all heights.

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Add storage underneath your desk that won’t collide with the height-adjustable desk, even at its lowest height!

Add cable management to keep cords neat and tidy (Includes 10 foot cord, 6 outlets under desk, troughs and concealer for cords)

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Sit-Stand Desks for Petite to Tall People- Commercial Grade

The commercial-grade Victory (three-stage) height-adjustable desk enable a user to have the proper ergonomic posture. A height-adjustable desk also empowers a user to be able to move throughout the day to promote circulation and blood flow. Movement feels great and is really good for your body. Once you experience it, you will never want to go back to a stationary desk.

  • If you are shorter, you no longer will need a footrest, as you will be able to put both feet flat on the ground. Horary!
  • If you are taller, you will be able to raise the desk and chair high enough to ensure total ergonomic comfort, without the desk pressing on your thighs.
  • You no longer need a keyboard tray, unless you just enjoy having everything off the desk.
  • You can share a desk with others who are of different heights comfortably.
  • If your chair isn’t as adjustable as you would like, the height-adjustable desk can adjust instead.

Why Purchase a Commercial Grade Height Adjustable Desk Versus a Cheap Height Adjustable Desk?

1. An ESI commercial-grade height adjustable desk is an investment that will last you for years with a long 15-year warranty. (Contrast this to numerous standing desks on the market that has no warranty, or only a 1-3 year warranty. That means you will be replacing desks multiple times over the years.)
-With the ESI commercial grade, it is built to last and you will enjoy it for years to come without distracting problems.

2. The durable laminate top will look as good in ten years as it does on day one, being protected from scratches and dings.

3. The high-quality base and desktop will help you stay productive and comfortable while working.

4. There are safety features built in to protect the desk from accidentally damaging property, or hurting kids or animals.

5. See all the additional benefits listed below


1. This commercial-grade height adjustable desk has the best warranty in the industry. It is strong, durable, and will last for years and years. 

15 year warranty on commercial standing desks

2. Quiet operation of the desk moves up and down: 
-Low 52db sound level- Quiet
Quiet commercial grade height adjustable desk

3. (2) Motors Protect the Life of the System and Enable the Unit to Lift 220 Pounds 

Two motors make the commercial grade height adjustable desk strong

4. Safe: Anti-Collision
-Safety is very important if you have young kids, dogs or want to ensure that the desk doesn’t crush an expensive electronic item accidentally. The anti-collision will stop and reverse the direction of the table if it comes into contact with anything.

Anti-Collision Height Adjustable Table

5. Low Standby Power Consumption
-Lowers the total cost of ownership for users.

6. (8) Minute Quick Release Easy to Assemble
-We created this adjustable height kit so it would be easy for a homeowner to assemble. It is easy to assemble if you are doing this yourself. There are pre-drilled holes in the top, and the base takes eight minutes to assemble.
-Our technicians can also install this for you if you live in San Diego.

7. (2) Memory Settings: Preset Your Ergonomic Sitting and Standing Height to Promote Health and Comfort and Save Time: 
There are three presets that you can use to set up your correct sitting position (hands are at a 90-degree angle) and your correct standing position (arms are at a 90-degree angle.) Then you can be assured that you have the proper positioning when you are sitting or standing and save time from having to adjust this multiple times a day.
Led controls on the commercial grade height adjustable desk

8. The Victory Base  is ADA compliant

ADA compliant commercial grade height adjustable desk

9. Exceeds BIFMA requirements
Exceeds bifma requirements for commercial grade height adjustable desks

10.  Base Colors Available in Silver, Black or White
Height Adjustable Base Colors

11.  Tops available With Three Wood Grains and Three Solids

Six colors available on the commercial grade ESI height adjustable desk- Triumph or Victory

12. Quick Ship: When ordering a size 48×24 or 60×30 you will receive at your home within 5-7 business days with the base color and top that you want! Make your desk pretty and ergonomic!
-You don’t have to wait weeks to get a commercial grade desk, we can get you comfortable quickly!


Why Is Your Height Important When Choosing Either a 2 or 3 Stage Base?

Commercial grade sit-to-stand desks are available in what the industry calls “two-stage” or “three-stage.” Different manufactures have various heights that align. The basic concept is that two-stage height adjustable desks will not go as low or as high as three-stage. Therefore, how you are using the desk and your height all factor into which control you should choose.

Specifications of the Commercial Grade Height Adjustable Desk:

    • 220 lb. base lifting capacity
    • 1.4″/sec. adjustment speed
    • Adjustable width frame accommodates worksurfaces 36.0″–72.0″ long
    • Two motors
    • Digital keypad with three memory settings
    • Soft start and stop
    • Gyro sensor anti-collision
    • Locking casters are available
    • ADA compliant
    • 8’9″ power cord
    • Steel frame and foot construction
    • Works with peds or storage with 23.5″ max. height
    • Low standby power consumption
    • Meets or exceeds BIFMA x5.5 guidelines
    • The keypad can slide under worksurface to store out of the way
    • Complete tables available (base and top)
    • Warranty: 15 yr. (structural)/7 yr. (mechanical)
Installation Directions

Combine with the ESI Mobile Ped for storage that won’t get in the way of the table.

Additional information

Step 1: Chose laminate top color

Beigewood, Phantom Charcoal, Shadow Oak, Designer White, Grey, Dove Grey

Step 2: Chose Desk Depth

24", 30" (ideal for larger monitors)

Step 3: Chose Desk Length

36", 42", 48", 60", 72"

Step 4: Chose Base leg color

Silver, White, Black