Humanscale Combo tray

HumanScale 100 Combo Keyboard Tray (6G, 10″ Swivel Right Mouse Platform)


The Humanscale 100 Combo Keyboard Tray has a platform that is shaped to fit different sized and shaped keyboards. The mechanism is retractable and allows for a small window of height adjustability and angle tilt.

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Overview of the 100 Combo Keyboard Tray:

Better ergonomics is just around the bend, of the keyboard tray, that is. Enjoy a tray that houses natural or curved keyboards with the Humanscale Combo Keyboard Tray, which allows you to engage in negative tilt keying for more comfort. Working within your Neutral Reach Zone is crucial to your health; sit too long in the wrong position and you’ll see what we mean. When you need the keyboard brought closer to you, the customizable Humanscale 100 Combo Keyboard Tray is your go-to desk accessory to assist you in better typing. The tray attaches to most desks and can be customized with accessories that meet your unique workstation needs.

Ergonomic Problems that the 100 Combo Keyboard Tray Solves:

  • Typing and mousing can cause strain and discomfort on the wrists
  • Constant strain and discomfort can lead to chronic injury
  • Focus and productivity decreases as pain and discomfort increases

Benefits of Using this Keyboard Tray:

  • Allows for proper adjustment to an ergonomic position
  • Avoid pain or discomfort
  • Keep work on your mind

This Keyboard Tray is Recommended for:

Keyboard trays allow an adjustment of the angle and height of the keyboard and mouse which can alleviate pressure and strain on the arms, wrists, and hands. This keyboard tray is shaped for both a curved or flat keyboard.


  • Keyboard Mechanism
  • Tilt adjustment range: 0o to -15o
  • Exceeds BIFMA standards
  • Made primarily of powder-coated steel
  • 15-year 24/7 warranty
  • Keyboard Platform
  • Wide range of keyboard options
  • Made of 1⁄4” phenolic resin
  • Durable and slim profile
  • Available with Technogel or foam palm supports

The 100 Combo Keyboard Tray is Recommended to Be Used with the Following Products:

Additional information

Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 13 × 6 in