Quick Ship Benches
Height adjustable lab benching fast shipping
Quick ship benches with phenolic resin

Quick Ship Laboratory Tables in U.S.

If you need laboratory benches in less 2-4 weeks, use our quick ship laboratory table program to solve your problem. PacificErgoLab provides quick ship lab tables with high quality phenolic resin tops that is IN STOCK in a variety of sizes.

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Quick Ship Peg Adjustable Laboratory Benching

All of the quick ship laboratory benches are made of steel and are shipped out with both a 28″ and a 22″ side apron. This provides total adjustability for the depth to either be 30″ or 24″.

Quick ship laboratory benching in US.

Quick Ship Chemical Resistant Black Phenolic Tops

Our in-stock quick ship program includes a 3/4″ thick chemical resistant phenolic top. This is what is used in most laboratories. This quick ship phenolic top is also less expensive to ship, heat resistant up to 350 degrees (for greater heat resistance an EPOXY top is recommended),  lighter in weight, provides excellent chemical resistance and is easy to maintain and clean. Click here for the benefits of phenolic tops versus EPOXY 

Quick ship black phenolic tables with chemical resistant tops

Quick Ship Laboratory Table is Peg Adjustable

The quick ship steel laboratory tables have strong legs measured in 14 gauge, 2mm frame designed to support up to 900 pounds. The adjustable leg on the quick ship laboratory bench enables the work surface to be at a height between 28″ to 42″, with a one inch increment in between. This is an ideal application to place a heavy piece of machinery on that needs to be at a specific height to maintain the proper ergonomic accessibility. If you need laboratory ergonomic consulting, please contact us.

Adjustable height strong leveling feet are included with the quick ship laboratory table, and optional casters can be added to easily move the bench from one location to the other.

quick ship lab benching with phenolic tops and optional casters