JazzRX back cushion

JazzRX Back Cushion for Additional Lumbar Support

Pacific Ergonomics recommends the JazzRX Back Cushion over any other! Its thin profile won’t push you out of your seat, and its dynamic air-filled design provides constant support as your posture changes. Great addition if your chair needs additional lumbar support.


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Overview of the JazzRX Back Cushion:

The JazzRX automatically improves your driving posture without YOU having to remind yourself to sit up. As your posture improves, so does the pain and stiffness. And when your posture improves, so does your driving! You see, when you sit upright – this makes you more alert, and you can see better, too. Drivers fall asleep due to low energy, which is partly due to poor posture. Better Posture = Better, More Alert Driving.

Ergonomic Problems that the JazzRX Cushion Solves:

  • most auto manufacturers design car seats for temporary comfort, NOT good posture
  • car seats are not designed for long rides
  • As a result of poor design, you sink and slouch into the car seat

Benefits of Using the JazzRX:

  • Help reduce fatigue
  • Eliminate pain and stiffness
  • Prevents you from sinking into your car’s seat
  • Prevent pressure on the coccyx and pelvic floor

This Back Cushion is Recommended for:

The JazzRX is recommended for people who spend long hours driving and find themselves in constant discomfort. This back cushion is helpful for those who need extra support in their posture or are in recovery from an injury sustained from bad posture.


  • Eliminates Back Pain From Driving
  • Drivers’ Stiffness GONE
  • Clinically Proven To Work

The JazzRX Back Cushion is Recommended to Be Used with the Following Products:

You inflate the back pillow to your own comfort level.  We found that less air/less inflation is more comfortable than full inflation. When not in use, it can fold like a magazine.

The front of the JazzRX back pillow is made out of smooth faux-leather, and the rear portion is covered in air-mesh fabric.  Two adjustable straps ensure snug attachment to your seat or chair.


  • Travel coast-to-coast and arrive refreshed
  • Prevent stiff and tired back
  • Reduce backaches and pains
  • Customize instantly the level of stimulation
  • Portable – folds like a magazine
  • Works everywhere – even on planes
  • Customizable – suit everyone’s individual needs
  • Full Lumbar Support – Ultra Comfort


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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 2 in

Body Ryzm

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