Kinesis Freestyle2 (pc)

Kinesis Freestyle2 Keyboard (PC)


The Kinesis Freestyle2 keyboard helps hands wrists and arms feel better by being able to split into two pieces or rotate at the connector in the middle. Type from your natural position and get more done with this keyboard.

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Overview of the Kinesis Freestyle2 (PC) Keyboard:

From small to tall and body types in between, the Freestyle2 allows for maximum flexibility catering to each individual’s unique needs. Out of the box both modules are connected together by a flexible pivot tether allowing an infinite range of splay. Disconnecting the pivot tether allows up to 9 or 20 inches of complete separation of both left and right keying modules. Perfect for individual needs ranging from a narrow footprint to complete separation. This design greatly reduces and or/eliminates ulnar deviation.

Ergonomic Problems that the Kinesis Freestyle2 Keyboard Solves:

  • Regular keyboards aren’t designed for personal preference
  • Typing can often create strain and painful wrists
  • Repetition of uncomfortable movements can lead to serious chronic injury

Benefits of Using the Freestyle2 Keyboard:

  • Position the keyboard to how you work best
  •  Type lightly and efficiently
  • Helps to avoid pain and discomfort
  • Focus on your work rather than your discomfort

The Freestyle2 Keyboard is Recommended for:

The award-winning Freestyle2 keyboard is perfect for those working on a PC and looking to increase their productivity or enhance their comfort, at home or in the office.


  • The split-adjustable design allows the Freestyle2 to adjust to your body
  • Standard 9″ separation
  • Compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 & Linux on PC
  • Low force, tactile key switches

The Kinesis Freestyle2 (PC) Keyboard is Recommended to Be Used with the Following Products:

  • Add the VIP3 Lifters to add a tenting option to this keyboard.
  • This keyboard matched with the Comfi II mouse would make for a great typing and mousing set up


Additional information

Weight 2.3 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 1 × 8 in