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L Shape Executive Sit Stand Desk in Multiple Sizes


Order a San Diego ergonomic, executive L-shaped sit to stand desk to increase productive and feel great working. Our sit to stand desks come in white, black or silver bases with six standard quick ship laminate colors. Custom colors can also be ordered as well as rectangular shaped sit stands. We ship standard sizes around the U.S.

The corners of the L sit stand desk can be flat, angled or rounded. We can also customize height adjustable sit stand L desks to any size. Lastly, for companies we also provide sit to stand desk retrofit services  who want existing desks to become height adjustable. This saves a significant amount of money and leads to beautiful results.

Choose between 3 base colors

Choose from six different laminate top colors

Choose the right dimensions for you

Add cable management to keep cords neat and tidy (Includes 10-foot cord, 6 outlets under desk, troughs, and concealer for cords)

Ship anywhere in the US or have our team install in your home or office anywhere in the greater San Diego area!

A mobile ped designed for height adjustable desks can be used to provide you with two drawers and one file drawer. This rolls under the desk and will not affect the range of motion of your sit to stand.

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Benefits of San Diego L Shape Standing Desks

  1. If you are a person who likes to spread out your work, you may want to consider an L shape sit stand standing desk. The entire L of the desk is height adjustable.
  2. All standing desks help increase circulation and promote movement when you sit and stand throughout the day.
  3. If you are working in a corner, there are specific types of sit to stand desks that are ideal for a corner
  4. For users who work with documents and the computer, a correctly configured L shape desk can maximize space.
  5. The entire L moves up and down enabling a person to have a standing desk and a sitting desk.
  6. An L-shaped office desk provides a lot of space for storage and ample writing space.
  7. Some people use a portion of their L desk for things like a phone, chargers, printers, or files.

Our team will provide a sit-stand consultation to help provide the best office standing desk to fit your needs. See OSHA’s guidelines for configuring your workspace in an ergonomic fashion.

Executive L Shaped Sit Stand Desks in San Diego California

Custom sizes of sit-to-stand desks are available with many different configurations. Some executives prefer a rounded corner, while others are not. Each one of these different configurations for San Diego standing desks has benefits, pros, and cons. Our ergonomic consulting team will help advise the best configuration to meet your needs. Call for a free consultation. We ship around the U.S.

Ergonomic Sit to Stand L shape Desks

All of our sit-to-stand desks support people who are petite, have long arms, or are tall. If a height-adjustable L shape desk doesn’t move low enough or high enough to achieve your proper hand height, the desk can actually hurt your body. With our solutions, you will never have to worry about this. We provide commercial, high-quality, ergonomic L shape sit-stand desks that are approved by ergonomists for healthy and productive use for people of all sizes.