Pipettng elbow pads

Pipetting Elbow Gel Pads Prevent Contact Stress

The Pipetting Elbow Gel Pads are ideal to cushion the elbows when it is required to rest elbows on the workbench while Pipetting, and/or when performing other lab tasks.  The elbow gel pads give you the support needed for proper blood circulation to your joints for special situations. Our ergonomists in San Diego can help if these gel pads will be the right solution.


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When leaning forward to pipette, contact stress can easily create elbow discomfort and injury. To reduce contact stress when elbows are on the bench, the non-split gel pad provides cushioned elbow support.

Using these wrist/elbow pads also benefits nerve health and helps alleviate the numbness and tingling associated with CTS and repetitive wrist syndrome.


Benefits of the Pipetting Elbow Gel Pads:

  • NON-SLIP: When working in a lab, having an elbow slip is not an option. The non-slip soft gel pad provides a comfortable, non-slip support for technicians to do their job. 
  • MOVE TO ANY WORKBENCH: Easy to move to any workbench and cost-effective
  • RELIEVE CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME: Helps alleviate the discomfort associated with carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive wrist strain complaints
  • CLEANABLE: To clean the pipetting elbow Gel pads, simply run under some warm water with a mild soap or rubbing alcohol

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Resources: Laboratory Safety Ergonomics for the Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders 

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