Laptop Monitor Arm Combo


The Laptop Monitor Arm Combo converts your laptop into a second monitor and allows for proper ergonomic adjustment of your dual monitor set up.

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Overview of the Laptop Monitor Arm Combo:

This laptop monitor arm combo is made up of the ESI Edge 2 Dual Monitor Arm combined with the ESI Laptop Tray. This combo converts your laptop into a second monitor to create a dual display set up. Monitor stands are limited in adjustability and often aren’t positioned correctly, the Edge 2 solves this issue, taking your monitor off of the desk and allowing height adjustability, depth adjustability, and angle adjustability.

Laptops are convenient in that they’re portable PCs but are not designed with ergonomics in mind. Laptops often force the user to lean forward and round their spine which damages posture. The laptop attachment converts the laptop into a monitor which can then be adjusted to the correct position.

Ergonomic Problems that the Laptop Monitor Arm Combo Solves:

  • Monitor stands offer little adjustability
  • Laptops are not designed with ergonomics or health in mind
  • Working on improperly placed monitors can lead to strain and discomfort

Benefits of Using this Combo:

  • Free up space that could otherwise be utilized
  • Adjust monitors and laptop to a comfortable placement
  • Avoid pain or future injury
  • Keep productivity steady
  • Create a dual monitor set-up

This Combo is Recommended for:

If you find yourself using your laptop as well as your monitor this a great combo for you. Rather than constantly changing posture to use either or, this combo allows you to use both from one position.



  • Finger touch dynamic height adjustment
  • Recommended for worksurfaces 36.0” deep or less
  • 12.0″ height adjustment range
    • 7.0″–19.0″ (low/high)
  • 23.5″ arm extension
  • 4.1″ arm retraction
  • ±90° monitor tilt
  • ±90° VESA rotation
  • 6.5 lbs.–17.6 lbs. weight capacity (per arm)
  • VESA 75mm/100mm quick release
  • 180° lock-out feature
  • Desk clamp and grommet mount included
  • 32.0″ max. monitor width (bezel measured left to right; Max. width is contingent on weight capacity)
  • Meets or exceeds BIFMA x5.5 and CSA CAN/CGSB44.227 guidelines
  • Benching system mount(s) available. Call the Customer Service Dept for details
  • Warranty: 15 yr.

Laptop Attachment:

  • 10.3″ laptop tray width
  • 12.0″–18.3″ laptop tray adjustable depth
  • Can accommodate laptop alone or laptop with docking station
  • Can be added to any existing Edge or Evolve monitor arm
  • Monitor arm sold separately
  • Warranty: 15 yrs.

The ESI Dual Monitor Arm is Recommended to be Used with the Following Product: