R-GO tablet-laptop-riser

Kit: Laptop Riser with Integrated Document Holder, Tablet Riser, Vertical Mouse and an Ergonomic Keyboard

Tired of feeling neck tension after long hours working from home on your laptop or tablet?

This laptop/tablet kit will help keep your neck and arms comfortable by reducing awkward postures. The laptop riser will elevate your laptop to eye level so you don’t have to look down while you work. The keyboard and mouse combo will allow you to position them closer so your arms aren’t reaching while you type. These will help to prevent additional strain while working exclusively from a laptop or tablet.

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  • Ultra thin for better blood circulation
  • Light keystroke for minimum muscle tension
  • Prevents reaching for the mouse
  • Easy to take with you

Laptop/Tablet Riser:

  • Laptop stand and tablet stand in 1 to place laptop or tablet on ergonomic height
  • Easy to travel: lightweight and 3.6mm thin
  • Light and compact model that is easy to transport
  • it is ideal for flexible workers.
  • Extra adjustable in height

Ergonomic Mouse:

  • Ergonomic mouse with vertical grip which provides a neutral, relaxed position of the hand and wrist
  • You can customise the buttons on the HE Mouse to your personal requirements.
  • Mouse has won the Benelux Office Product Award due to its innovative design
  • Improved thumb rest: A new bottom thumb button provides greatly extended functionality when used with the included driver.

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Use a laptop as a second monitor, Use a tablet and laptop as monitors


Laptop Riser, Tablet Riser