LightCorp Reed Premier Under Lighting (17″ Standard Output)


Available in four lengths and various levels of brightness, Reed Premier features multiple state-of-the-art energy-saving components: touch-and-hold continuous dimming, 10-hour automatic turn off, and an optional inter-linkable occupancy sensor that knows to turn on only when you need it to.

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A single touch on/off and touch-and-hold 100%–15%.
Includes continuous dimming pad with last state memory.
• A properly diffused light source provides a softly blended
light pattern that reduces eye strain.
• The optional occupancy sensor turns the fixture off after 30
minutes of inactivity and back on again as the user re-enters
the workspace. If occupant is present, the light will remain on.
• Includes magnet mount for metal application and screw
mount for wood application.


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