Lab stools for 2020
Neon lab stool has many benefits
Overview of the Neon

Microscope Ergonomic Laboratory Stool


  • Lab stools with footrests
  • Risk of foot rings with laboratory stools
  • Ergonomic lab stool- adustable

The Neon laboratory stool is like the Tesla of lab chairs. It is a wonderful stool to use while using a microscope as it tilts and you can sit with back support. Its footrest is also ideal in tight lab spaces where a footstool on the ground is not desired.

Designed in Germany from Bimos, it is built to last, ergonomically comfortable, and sustainable. It includes a 10 year, 3 shift a day warranty. There are different seat options depending on the applications. The seat and backs are removable to protect your frame investment over time. The ergonomic adjustable lab stool is comfortable and can even include a built-in footrest to prevent technicians from resting their feet on the foot ring, which creates discomfort risks.

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Neon Microscope Laboratory Stool Overview

The Neon lab stool is available in multiple heights from a desk height chair, a counter to a high lab bench.  The lab stool is very adjustable with a seat slider, tilt forward, adjustable back, arms and height adjustment.

It is ideal for microscope work with it’s forward leaning flexibility. A lab technician can have full back support and move close to the microscope.

Microscope stool

Adjustability for Lab Chair Microscope Work

Not only does the microscope lab chair have forward leaning capabilities, but every part of the chair is adjustable. Designed for users who work all day at their lab desk, this microscope lab stool is ideal to maximize comfort, prevent injuries and increase productivity.

Microscope lab chair moves forward Microscope chair adjustable featres

Neon Laboratory Stool Trim Color Options

It is also available in different trim colors. This enables labs to use specific lab chairs for specific labs with color-coding and to brighten the day.

Multiple trim colors on lab chairs

Neon Lab Stool is Sustainable and Investment is Protected Long Term

The Neon lab stool is like the Tesla of lab chairs. You purchase the infrastructure and you can keep the structure for years. Easily replace seats and backs with a click in place system, use the puncture-resistant material that doesn’t have to be wiped with water after cleaning like vinyl’s do and enjoy the 10 years, three-shift a day warranty.

Neon lab stool has many benefits

Environmentally Friendly Lab Stool

The Neon laboratory stool was awarded the prestigious Blue Angel eco-label. Recycling starts in the development stage with complete material recovery from the screws to the upholstery.  Long-standing quality with frames that don’t need to be replaced and seats and backs that can be easily added if needed.

Blue angel lab stool

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