Overnight Shift Carmel

Overnight Shift Chair with Pillow

The 24×7 Overnight Shift Chair is available from Pacific Ergonomics in sunny San Diego.

This comfortable 24×7 chair includes a pillow that is ideal when people are working the third shift and need to close their eyes and rest during breaks. It is designed for multiple users of different shifts to share a chair.

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  • Back design promotes “Shoulders Back” posture, which reduces stress
  • Thoracic support achieved through the narrow upper back    shell and special Thoracic Ridge
  • Comfortably accommodates up to 300 lbs

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Benefits of the 24×7 Overnight Shift Chair in San Diego

When you need round the clock support, the 24×7 Overnight Shift chair is a good choice, particularly if you want to provide a pillow for employees to use. This can be helpful to enable employees to take a quick rest break in comfort and while working to have full and complete ergonomic support.

Call Pacific Ergonomics at 619-546-0872 for more information on the Overnight Shift chair, or if you are looking for 24×7 ergonomic chairs in San Diego

Pacific Ergonomics provides the best of class 24×7 chairs in San Diego with long warranties and excellent service. These chairs are ideal when multiple users are sharing a chair and need adjustability and durability. Call for a free consultation at 619-546-0872.

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