Pacific Ergo Laptop Kit

Pacific Ergo Ergonomic Ideal Kit

Working from a laptop may be convenient, but after a few hours can be very uncomfortable. The Pacific Ergo Laptop Kit adds a riser, a keyboard, a mouse, and wrist wrests to make an ergonomic set up while still using a laptop.

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Overview of the Pacific Ergo Ergonomic Kit:

If you wan to feel great working, you don’t want to spent 10 hours researching products, this laptop riser kit is for you.

Ergonomic Problems that the Pacific Ergo Laptop Kit Solves:

  • Laptop placement is not eye level- creates stain on the neck looking down a thousand plus times a day.
  • The laptop keyboard and touchpad do not have ergonomic placements
  • Discomfort can make it hard to sit and work for long times

Benefits of Using the Pacific Ergo Laptop Kit:

  • Raise the laptop to a more appropriate height
  • Individual keyboard and mouse allow for proper placement
  • Avoid discomfort and injury
  • Keep productivity high and mood happy

This Kit is Recommended for:

This kit is recommended for users who work from their laptops for extended amounts of time. Perfect for home offices using laptops as a primary means for getting work done.