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Patient Registration Mobile Cart with Onboard Power

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The Patient Registration mobile cart with power on-board enables caregivers to easily move between patient rooms to add the patient registration data.

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The Patient Registration mobile cart has a comfortable ergonomic design. It is height adjustable and has flexible screen adjustments to maintain personal contact with the patients. Also, the long life of the battery empowers caregivers to be able to move from one patient to another, without needing an outlet or having to charge.

Onboard Power from Mobile Carts Improve Patient Care:

The Patient Registration mobile cart with onboard power increases productivity enhances patient care and decreases downtime of caregivers serving their patients. It is very flexible and can be customized with a number of different options. Decrease the number of workstations per bed ratio for each floor with mobile carts with power.  Ensuring that an EHR-equipped computing device is present at virtually all doctor-patient interactions has required significant investments, which can be decreased with mobile patient carts.

Improve Patient Care with Ergonomic Flexibility to Help the Caregiver:

When working with a patient, there is more interaction with the caregiver when data is inputted right there and the patient can see. It creates trust and ensures accuracy. Also, the caregiver can work and adjust the height of the monitor cart so it is the proper hand working height.

Decreased Operational Costs: Instead of having a workstation in each patient room, costs can be decreased with mobile workstations that have power.

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5 year warrant on all life powered carts from Ergotron. The standard warranty can also be extended to cover all components for 60 additional months.

Power Options

Integrated power onboard the cart with a 512whs Life Battery, LifeKinnex Power System hot swap or on-cart charging

Build the Cart Options

Storage drawer, Rear Storage Bin, Scanner Shelf, Rear Utility Shelf, Tasklight, Pan Pivot Kit for LCD Cart, LifeKinnex 4-Bay Charger, LifeKinnex Battery Life Indicator, LifeKinnex Smart Battery Dock