Portable sneeze guard

Portable Sneeze Guard for Meeting Tables

This portable sneeze guard is ideal to be used for office meeting tables. Within minutes of placing this sneeze guard on an existing table, it can immediately create a physical barrier between people, while still allowing for proper voice and visual interactions.   With Covid-19 safety precautions, the portable sneeze guard shield provides a clear barrier helps reduce exposure to airborne droplets and moisture produced by sneezing, coughing and talking.  Click here for acrylic sneeze guards for desks and counters 

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Why is a Portable Sneeze Guard So Useful for Business Meeting Tables?

Every business will need to provide a work environment to help protect employees from Covid-19 once they return to work. With existing conference tables scattered within companies, a portable sneeze guard provides a low cost, quick and easy solution to decrease the contact of employees, vendors and customers visiting the company. It’s lightweight protability makes this very easy to implement and easy to relocate if this is no longer needed.

Features of the Portable Sneeze Guard: 

· The clear shield is a transparent acrylic panel that can easily be placed on top of any meeting or conference table to create a physical barrier

· Freestanding, portable design offers quick and easy relocation and repositioning

· Convenient pass-through opening accommodates small exchanges of documents or money

· Smooth, clean edges ensure a professional look and safer handling

· The SafeGuard SneezeGuard is perfect for use at reception stations, cashier stands, teller windows, service counters and personal desks

· Made from 100% clear acrylic for easy, wipe-down cleaning and maintenance

· Simple assembly – no tools required!

· Designed and manufactured in the USA


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Volume Pricing

1 Sneeze Guard, 12 or More Sneeze Guards


· Measures 30”W x 28”H x 8”D; pass-through opening measures 12”W x 5”H