ProStand 13″ Apple MacBook Pro Laptop Stand



The ProStand 13″ Apple MacBook Pro laptop stand was designed specifically for the MacBook Pro, attaching to the back and ensuring a secure fit. The use of Laptop stands allows users to adjust to a proper angle, alleviating neck strain, or discomfort. Perfect for home office users and ideal to keep with you from home to office, to traveling. Instead of carrying a separate laptop riser and your laptop, it becomes one.

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Overview of the ProStand 13″ Apple MacBook Pro:

The ProStand attaches directly to your MacBook avoiding any slipping and ensuring a secure fit. This laptop stand allows a healthy, ergonomic working posture and allows your MacBook to be set at the right height, avoiding strain on the neck. Because the ProStand was specifically designed for the MacBook Pro, additional protection is provided as well as sporting a seamless design.

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Ergonomic Problems that the ProStand 13″ Apple MacBook Pro Solves:

  • Using a laptop strains the neck
  • Laptops often cause a rounding of the spine
  • Being uncomfortable can reduce productivity
  • MacBook Pros may not fit on every laptop stand

Benefits of Using the ProStand:

  • Sit with proper position
  • Avoid discomfort and injury
  • Keep productivity when working from a laptop high
  • Fit Macbook on a laptop stand made specifically for it

This Laptop Riser is Recommended for:

This laptop riser is recommended for people with a MacBook Pro who haven’t found a laptop stand that fits their needs and find themselves working from their laptop often and are tired of discomfort and pain from doing so.


  • Design: perfectly matches your MacBook and it only weighs 125 grams (4.5 oz).
  • Adjustable: easily adjustable with three height settings.
  • Ideal: Attaches to the base of your MacBook and is always with you.

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