Humanscale Quickstand desk converter

Humanscale-QuickStand Eco Sit to Stand Converter


The QuickStand Eco Portable Standing Desk Converter allows users to break out of static sitting for hours with height adjustability which promotes working from an active position.

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Overview of the QuickStand Eco Portable Standing Desk Converter:

Sleeker, easier to use, and comprised of more sustainable materials than ever before, our adjustable standing desk solutions are a vast improvement over the current generation of sit/stand surfaces. The award-winning QuickStand Eco features simple setup, portability, and near effortless adjustability — transforming ordinary desktops into healthy, active workspaces.

Ergonomic Problems that the QuickStand Eco Solves:

  • Sitting is in-active and could create poor postures
  • Poor posture can lead to chronic injury
  • Discomfort or pain decreases productivity

Benefits of Using the QuickStand Eco:

  • Promote activity and movement
  • Avoid discomfort, pain, and injury
  • Keep productivity high

This Desk Converter is Recommended for:

This desk converter is recommended for users who wish to break out of a stagnate seating position and into a more active posture. This converter is a great fit for home office workers as it’s easy to set-up and user friendly.


  • Designed to accommodate users of varying heights
    with 18.6” of work surface adjustment
  • The self-locking mechanism provides ultimate stability
    and functionality
  • Work platform provides added sturdiness and
    is scratch resistant
  • Minimal footprint allows for more use of the desktop area
  • Monitor height adjustment for a correct ergonomic fit
  • Affordable workspace wellness solution that will
    blend into any environment
  • Effortless functionality encourages more movement and
    allows user to move from sitting to standing instantly

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