Quickstand by Humanscale

QuickStand Monitor Desktop Converter


The QuickStand Monitor Desktop Converter breaks users out of their stagnate position of sitting all day and promotes good posture and health.

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Overview of the QuickStand Monitor Desktop Converter:

QuickStand makes sit-to-stand easy and portable. With the ability to move with or independently of the screen, QuickStand’s lightweight platform allows the desk to adapt to the user’s changing comfort demands. Unlike other height adjustable solutions on the market, QuickStand can effortlessly be moved from one worksurface to another.

Ergonomic Problems that the QuickStand Monitor Desktop Converter Solves:

  • Sitting for the duration of the workday is unhealthy
  • Bad posture can lead to chronic injury
  • Discomfort or pain decreases productivity

Benefits of Using the QuickStand:

  • Take standing breaks while working
  • Avoid discomfort, pain, and injury
  • Keep productivity steady

This Desktop Converter is Recommended for:

The QuickStand is recommended for users who would like the option of sitting or standing while working. A great option for home offices due to its simplicity and dimensions that won’t take up too much space.


  • Dynamic design allows the height-adjustable workstation to clamp to
    any fixed-height work surface
  • Adjustable keyboard platform enables the work surface to move
    effortlessly to the user’s desired height
  • Stable build provides reliability to the user
  • Elegant, clean aesthetic complements any designed environment
  • Available in a number of configurations, including those with dual
    monitor requirements
  • Able to accommodate nearly any application

The QuickStand is Recommended to Be Used with the Following Products:

  • Use with the OrthoMouse for a better mousing experience.