Sit-Stand Wall Desk
Sit-stand wall desk

Sit-Stand Wall Desk


Utilize empty wall spaces with the WorkFit Elevate. This sit-stand device attaches to walls and allows the user the ability to work from a sitting or standing height. Great for use in healthcare settings, office hallways, or home offices.

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Overview of the WorkFit Elevate Wall Desk: 

Raise the bar on wellness, productivity, and collaboration with the WorkFit Elevate Wall Desk. This modern wall mount reimagines underused spaces as a flexible workstation for individual work or collaboration in healthcare clinic spaces, office common areas, and even home offices. The height-adjustable surface easily adjusts from sit to stand, providing the full BIFMA height range of 26″ (66 cm) for comfortable working. The flip-down worksurface opens up even more space, and it arrives fully assembled to make installation a breeze.

Ergonomic Problems that the WorkFit Elevate Solves:

  • Working at an improper surface height can cause discomfort in the arms and back
  • Repetitive awkward motions can lead to injury like carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Pain and injury decreases productivity

Benefits of Using the Sit-Stand Wall Desk:

  • Adjust the height to the right setting
  • Tuck away when not using
  • Improve productivity
  • Great for home offices

This Sit-Stand is Recommended for:

The WorkFit Elevate works great in healthcare settings, office hallways or collaboration areas, and home offices. If you want the benefits of a sit-stand desk and don’t require the space of a full desk, this sit-stand wall desk is a great choice for you.


  • Vertical movement: Provides the full BIFMA ergonomic height range of 22.6″–48.7″ (57–124 cm)
  • Integration: Transforms underutilized spaces into active and flexible work environments
  • Quick collaboration: Quietly adjusts from sit to stand 8–10 times faster than other desks
  • Versatile design: Fits corporate offices and healthcare spaces like exam rooms or nurse stations
  • Reclaim space: Flip-down worksurface opens up floor space when needed
  • Concealed power access: 3 duplex outlets and 2 USB connections stay behind the scenes

The WorkFit Elevate Wall Desk is Recommended to Be Used with the Following Products:

  • Use with the Anti-Fatigue Mat for less pressure on the lower back while standing.

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