Soma contour big and tall in San Diego
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SomaContour Ergonomic Tall Chair

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Available for the San Diego area as provided by Pacific Ergonomics. Call 619-546-0872 for more information.

The SomaContour ergonomic tall chair is very comfortable and ideal for taller people with a taller back and longer seat pan.

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The seat cushion has multiple densities of material to ensure comfort and to dissipate pressure points. Some users are 6 feet, some are 6’8. This ergonomic tall chair can be customized with a base tall unit and further customized with user-adjustable controls.

The SomaContour Ergonomic Tall Chair in San Diego Includes: 

-Limited lifetime warranty
-Multiple colors available
-Environmentally friendly
-Available in fabrics, vinyl, and leather

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Produced by: Soma

Call Pacific Ergonomics at 619-546-0872 for more information on the SomaContour Ergonomic tall chair or creating the BEST ergonomic chair program in San Diego.

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