Ergotron Styleview wall mount display

StyleView Sit-Stand Combo Arm with Worksurface

Caregivers can work sitting or standing with 20 inches of adjustment. The workstation stays neat, due to the expansive cable system.

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Overview of the StyleView Sit-Stand Combo Arm

The StyleView Sit-Stand Combo arm holds a monitor, bar-code scanner, keyboard, wrist rest and mouse on the same retractable arm. This makes it easy for caregivers to achieve the correct posture sitting and standing. The neat and attractive cable management looks great in the hospital. It’s easy for IT teams to support.

Ergonomic Benefits of the StyleView Wall Mount Sit Stand

  • Sit and stand for caregivers who are petite to very tall
  • There is a light on the keyboard for use in all lighting
  • It is easy and quick to pull the unit out from the wall without any force.
  • Tilt the monitor for 5 to 25 degrees to comfortably at various angles
  • A keyboard tray that pulls out with a mouse that can reside on the left or right side
  • Anti-microbial infection control
  • The entire unit swivels so caregivers don’t have to twist
  • Caregivers have different body sizes and heights.

 What Do Nurse Technicians, and Physicians Feel About the StyleView Wall Mount Monitor?

Without this Nurse Cart, I would be 75% less productive throughout the day
“One of our physicians is 5-1 and a Nurse that is 6″5 they can adjust it sitting and standing.”
“This improves productivity immensely”
“It’s personal, you are able to sit by the patient.”
“It is nice that it folds up and easily moves out of the wall.”
“It’s easy to organize IV supplies and a place to right on.”
“On a triage room it is very useful when patients bring 10 people in the room which gets crowded. With the StyleView, I can effectively work and we can all fit.”
“I love that I can wheel up right to physician, rather than getting in the sterile field, I am move the screen so the physician sees the images they want.”
“There is a light for the keyboard, in a dark room this is great without disturbing the patient.”

How Do Patients Feel About the StyleView?

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