Topo Anti-Fatigue Mat


Now that you are an upright man/woman with your standing desk, it’s time to think about your feet. After all, humans didn’t evolve standing on perfectly flat ground. Our feet, like our bodies, we’re meant to move and the Topo Anti-Fatigue Mat helps to avoid stagnation. 

Also available in a smaller size.

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Unlike the standard flat mat, The Topo Anti-Fatigue Mat nature-inspired peaks and valleys encourage you to move around, engaging your muscles, returning your body to its natural alignment, relieving postural fatigue, and activating blood flow to bring more energy and flow —and comfort—to your work. Use the front corners of the mat as a footrest, the edges for your get-er-done power stance, the back of the mat for a good stretch, and the ball in the center for a recharging foot massage.

Topo’s calculated terrain features are proven to drive natural, healthy movement:

1. A multifaceted rear ramp for calf pump breaks and support for split stances.

2. The slight crown in the neutral area is just enough to activate your balance circuits and promote healthy blood flow.

3. Raised front corners support diagonal split stances and engage your toes.

4. Topo’s center “teardrop” further drives movement and ankle range of motion.

5. The raised side rails maintain your torso height and hand position when you switch to a wide stance.

6. A contoured front edge provides a foot prop for split stances and a leading edge to “hook” with your toes.

7. Topo’s underside is designed to slide easily when you switch between standing and sitting. No more bending under your desk to lift your mat and move it (which was the#1 complaint expressed by newsletter members about conventional anti-fatigue mats).

All surfaces have a durable skin that easily wipes clean, and is gently pebbled to keep Topo feeling natural, airy, and comfortable whether you’re in shoes or barefoot.

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 28 × 4 in