Maximize Training Room Space with Ergonomic Retractable Monitor Arms

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Secure IT Training Equipment with Retractable Monitor Arms

Often training rooms are not occupied all day making them an easy target for disappearing mice, computers and keyboards. With the retractable monitors, the electronics are stored securely without risk of damage when it isn’t being used. The anti-collision

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The Line of Sight 3.0 has an environmentally friendly energy-efficient control system that uses minimal amounts of power. There are optional desktop power USB chargers and power receptacles so users can easily charge their laptops, phones, Ipads, and other devices. There is even a built-in battery backup option. With two 9 volt batteries installed in each unit, if there is a power outage there will be no disruption.

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-Do you have a computer training room with equipment on top of the desk so there isn’t space for trainees to put much else on the desk?
-Are you interested in maximizing space and function of your training room so that room has a multi-purpose value?

The ESI retractable training tables are sleek, practical, quiet (as they operate at a sound level below 40db) and they maximize space. The monitors retract into the desk when they are not in use. This enables training rooms to be used for other “non-computer” events. In San Diego, real estate is expensive and space is limited, so the retractable monitor arms are a wonderful space saver. With the push of a button, all of the screens in the classroom can be raised or lowered by the professor/ trainer/speaker.

The training desks can be customized and configured to fit the space and requirements. There are single, dual, lectern and ADA options.

Ergonomic Office Training Desks Keep People Moving:

The ESI computer training desks have the option of being ergonomically “height adjustable.” Studies have shown that employees are more alert and productive when they have moved throughout the day; both sitting and standing. With the retractable computer desks, trainees will absorb more from the training and feel better at the end of the day.

Why should this be any different during a training class?

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