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Tranquility Ergonomic Chair (Improve Posture and Open Breathing)

The Soma Tranquility ergonomic chair is offered exclusively by Pacific Ergonomics to the San Diego area. Call 619-546-0872 for further information.

Enjoy the pleasure of sitting in an ergonomic task chair at work that is so comfortable it doesn’t feel like you are working. The Tranquility task chair provides extensive ergonomic cushioning that was designed by medical experts to expand your chest, improve posture, and open up your breathing. Includes full ergonomic controls including a seat slider, back ratchet, tilt, extra comfortable double density foam, and padded armrests that swivel 360 degrees.

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Tranquility Ergonomic Task Chair

The Soma Tranquility ergonomic chair is extremely comfortable and medically proven to have positive ergonomic effects on the body. This ergonomic task chair is a very popular option for task seating with users who are at their desks all day. The chair is designed to support both the lower and upper back, promote excellent posture, and open up breathing. The cushioned super supportive lumbar support and ultra-resilient multiple foam layers of proprietary memory foam cushioning provide are not able sturdy, but they are very comfortable. The Tranquility task chair has five paddle adjustments to adjust the seat pan, an easy to use ratchet back to adjust the up/down to the position of the backrest, and a back and tilt function. The cushioned padded arms also have 360 adjustments that move up, down which is ideal if you want to move the chair closer to the desk and not have your armrests hit it.  The rocker mechanism enables the user to rock, lock, and adjust to their total comfort. Includes a lifetime limited warranty.

When you sit in the Tranquility ergonomic chair, it feels as if it is hugging your body in just the right places.

Features of the Tranquility Task Chair in San Diego :

  • Multiple foam layers of propriety memory foam cushioning
  • Additional lumbar and thoracic cushioning
  • 5 paddle adjustments to ensure the chair fits you exactly the way you wan
  • Flush arm cushions with a 360-degree rotation
  • Rocker mechanism enables the user to rock, lock and adjusts to total comfort
  • Small seat pan designed for petite users
  • Carpet casters are standard
  • Thoracic ridge
  • Lifetime limited warranty on the cylinder and the structure of the chair
  • High quality fabric and vegan leather available.

Call Pacific Ergonomics at 619-546-0872 for more information on the Tranquility ergonomic chair or if interested in creating a quality ergonomic service in San Diego.

Is your company interested in a quality ergonomic chair program in San Diego but have no idea where to start? Pacific Ergonomics in San Diego can help you build an excellent ergonomic program for your company’s wants and needs. We have options of trying chairs before you even purchase them, Account Managers to take care of all your needs, and certified technicians that can deliver and fit employees. Call today for a free consultation and the first step into your ergonomic journey.

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