Vaccination Cart

Vaccination Cart

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Prepare for the COVID-19 vaccinations and others with the Ergotron Vaccination Cart. This cart is able to hold all items necessary as well as adjust ergonomically to ensure patient and care provider safety.

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Prepare for flexible and safe vaccinations for COVID-19 and others with the Ergotron Vaccination Cart. Whether within the hospital, a clinic, or outside in a parking lot this cart functions in a variety of settings. This cart has a spot for every item necessary throughout the day with a large workspace for vaccine preparation, a basket for syringe disposal, cart drawers for syringe or other item storage, a bracket designed to hold a scanner for quick and accurate tracking, a front tray for bigger items, and a wire basket for miscillaneous items. With the powered option of the Vaccination Cart, you’re able to work without interuption with replaceable batteries.

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