DXT Ambidextrous Wireless

Wireless DXT Ambidextrous Mouse

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The DXT Wireless mouse ensures a relaxed, neutral wrist, and hand position. Great for accuracy and comfort. It can be used with Left or Right Handed users.

Did you know that the use of a precision mouse can result in less muscle strain in the forearms because it involves less wrist extension?

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Overview of the Wireless DXT Ambidextrous Mouse:

The DXT promotes a neutral (more vertical) wrist posture while allowing the hand to work with a light touch fingertip hold providing precision cursor control. It is the only compact right and left-handed ergonomic mouse designed to use the precision movements of the hand.

Ergonomic Problems that the Wireless DXT Ambidextrous Mouse Solves:

  • Traditional mice force an unnatural hand position
  • Exessive mousing can cause strain on the hand
  • Discomfort and pain reduces productivity

Benefits of Using the DXT Mouse:

  • Offers the most natural hand position
  • Reduces strain and discomfort
  • Easy to use and adjust to
  • Helps improve productivity

This Mouse is Recommended for:

This mouse is best for those looking to relieve any strain or discomfort from using a mouse. It’s also beneficial for those who have tried vertical mice but are still feeling discomfort and pain.


  • Ergonomic: Relaxed, neutral wrist, and hand position.
  • Unique: Button instantly switches between right and left-handed use.
  • Convenience: Easy to use, familiar pen grip, 4 dpi settings.
  • Mobile: Wireless and most compact ergonomic mouse.
  • Rechargeable: Recharge whilst in use.
  • Connection: Wireless RF USB receiver.

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