Yes guest chair provides comfort and style
Yes Specifications for the ergonomic chair
Match the back with the same color as the ergonomic chair
Mid back ergonomic chairs can be mixed with guest chairs

YES- Guest Chair


The Yes guest chair is available for San Diego customers from Pacific Ergonomics. Call 619-546-0872 to answer all your ergonomic questions.

The Office Master Yes guest chair (YS71S) is part of a series of ergonomic chairs that provide flexibility in seating and comfort.


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The Yes guest chair is for areas that don’t need adjustable ergonomic controls, like guest areas and conference rooms, yet want to match the other seating, this chair is an attractive option. Match it with the Yes task chair for a nice aesthetic.

The mesh-like material has a thin cushion under the layer to provide a softer feel than most mesh chairs. This knit mesh material can come in a variety of colors to enhance the look of the chair.

Produced by: Office Master

Call Pacific Ergonomics at 619-546-0872 in San Diego for more information on the Yes guest chair or about creating an effective strategic ergonomic chair program.

Is your company interested in starting an ergonomic chair program that includes guest chairs in San Diego, California? Our team has 20 years and is a full source ergonomic provider. Please call 619-546-0872 for a free consultation.

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