Save Money and Retrofit Desks to be Sit Stands

Pacific Ergonomics, Inc. provides San Diego desk retrofit services to take an existing desk in an office setting and convert it to be height adjustable. This desk retrofitting service saves companies time and money.

Using trained and certified technicians, our San Diego desk retrofitting services are good for the environment as companies can reuse tabletops. This service helps employees be able to sit and stand throughout the day and it helps companies save money. Another important point is retrofitting desks to make them height-adjustable can be done as a single desk or hundreds at the same time.

San Diego Desk Retrofit Services Save Companies Money

Our desk retrofitting services help companies save money, which is typically the least expensive option. The reason: a conversion, even with labor costs, costs less than purchasing a new top and legs.

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Benefits of Retrofitting a Desk in San Diego to Be Height Adjustable:

Retrofitting services have many benefits for San Diego companies. These benefits include:

  • First, maintain the current design and aesthetic appearance of the workspace
  • Second, save money by re-using existing tabletops
    -Please note that all employees may want or need an adjustable desk, so retrofitting desks enables this flexibility
  • The third point is desk sections can be retrofitted to be height adjustable

The Process:

Retrofit desks to be height adjustable

San Diego desk retrofitting services begin with an evaluation process; this includes having your Account Manager provide a consultation of your current desk. The next step is to determine which part of the desk should be adjustable. Desk conversion recommendations are made depending on the ergonomic goals and working habits.


Height Adjustable Table Bases for San Diego Desk Retrofit Services

Our ergonomic installation services in San Diego include best of class height adjustable bases. There are 2 leg and 3 leg table bases with two and three stages. Many companies who are standardizing on a base for their teams want a wide range for ergonomic reasons. A very popular base that our team installs is the ESI Victory 2 Leg Height Adjustable Base.

For more information about how our ergonomic assessments can benefit your workforce, please call or email us today at 619-546-0872.