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Pacific Ergonomics is a leader in providing  ergonomic assessment evaluations on-site. Services are also available via the telephone anywhere in the U.S. We support labs, offices, manufacturing, healthcare and retail applications.

Our on-site ergonomic San Diego assessments services are available for office ergonomic assessments, labs, and industrial settings. Pacific Ergonomics also conducts home office remote telephonic ergonomic assessments around the U.S. Click here for more information. 

Pacific Ergonomics ergonomic evaluation services and consulting helps decrease the risk of injury, improve employee productivity, and minimize the risk of musculoskeletal injuries (MSDs).

San Diego Ergonomic Assessments and Consulting
 San Diego ergonomic assessment services produce results

Pacific Ergonomics is the leader in San Diego for providing office, lab, and industrial ergonomic assessments. Our team adheres to sound, scientifically proven ergonomic principles. Our work helps to reduce or prevent injury in the workplace, which creates results. The impact of the ergonomic evaluation services benefit our client’s businesses, They also benefit the employees who are able to adopt the ergonomic concepts as part of their daily tasks to promote well being.

Our process is that our team schedules 30-60 minute ergonomic evaluations, These evaluations are completed in a timely manner with reports guaranteed in 48 hours.

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Workplace San Diego Consulting and Ergonomic Evaluations

Every ergonomic assessment in San Diego is customized. Each employee’s workstation is designed to prevent discomfort and avoid injury. Ergonomic evaluations can be applied to the following groups:

  • Employee groups
  • Individual employees
  • An injured employee returning to work (workstation can be adapted to prevent increased injury and general discomfort)
  • An employee who is reporting a “discomfort: that could later turn into a Workers Comp claim
  • A Return to Work employees from a claim
  • Satellite or remote employees that work from home

Benefits of Ergonomic Assessments in San Diego, OC and Los Angeles

An injured employee, experiencing pain or discomfort will perform their daily tasks with more difficulty and reduced efficiency. To help, our certified ergonomists will perform ergonomic evaluations at your company located in San Diego to augment a company’s safety protocols, in order to reduce or eliminate an employee’s pain or discomfort.

Ergonomic evaluations are part of a critical process for employers in reducing workers compensation claims. All of our ergonomic assessments are documented by use of thorough and detailed reports. They are also a useful tool for human resource departments to use for tracking and reporting purposes.

Expectations of our San Diego Ergonomic Evaluations

When companies incorporate an ergonomics program, they can expect dramatic improvements throughout their entire workforce. Reduced workplace injuries and related costs, and increased productivity are some of the immediate benefits.

For more information about how our ergonomic assessments can benefit your workforce, please call or email us today.

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