Ergonomic Consulting

Pacific Ergonomics San Diego ergonomic consulting solutions provide cost-effective strategies to decrease the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) that lead to discomfort and injury for employees.  The outcome of our successful ergonomic services reduces employee discomfort, injuries, prevents costly Workers Comp claims, and increases the productivity and morale of employees. Employees who feel good work harder, longer, have fewer sick days are more effective overall as healthy employees long-term.

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Certified San Diego Ergonomic Consultants are Here to Help You

Whether you need office ergonomic assessments, lab, hospital, or industrial evaluations, or training solutions, our team can help. Or perhaps you are wanting to move into a new office and need help with an effective strategy to procure the right ergonomic solutions and designs to ensure employees are comfortable with reduced risk of dicomfort. Our certified ergonomic specialists have 6-25 years of experience in helping to decrease risk of injury, improve productivity and morale.

San Diego Ergonomic Consulting and Training Solutions Save You Money from Costly Workers Comp Claims

Pacific Ergonomics San Diego ergonomic consulting services help companies identify functional and cost efficient ergonomic products that yield the greatest return on investment, by preventing work-related musculoskeletal disorders and increased employee productivity. Our San Diego consulting services include laboratory ergonomic evaluations, ergonomic office assessments, industrial assessments, patient safety consultations, senior living consulting, public services for police and public service professions, retail and hospital consulting.  Our services are cost effective with tangible outcomes that can be realized with happier, healthy productive employees who are not sick as often and have reduced incidents of claims.

Consulting Services in San Diego to Decreasing the Risk of Work Related MSD Injuries

Pacific Ergonomics can partner with environmental safety, EHS, safety and human resources, by performing employee evaluations to reduce workers compensation claims. Our ergonomic specialists will evaluate 1) the workplace to identify areas of risk and 2) individual workspace to identify specific risks to the employee.

Providing Ergonomic Risk Mitigation and Reports for OSHA

Our ergonomic reports and documentation are comprehensive and provide insightful data about each employee in a very concise format. These reports can be used by environmental safety or human resource staff for employee files and reporting. Documentation of what a company has done to reduce risk is important for OSHA.

Question: Will OSHA notify employers who have high rates of MSDs?

Yes. As an adjunct to the Site Specific Targeting (SST), OSHA annually notifies employers in the OSHA Data Initiative who report high Lost Workday Injury and Illness rates at their establishment(s). OSHA then recommends that they seek help in addressing these workplace hazards. If employers report high rates of injuries as a result of ergonomic issues, they will also be urged to seek assistance to address those hazards.  Reports of what has been done to remedy the situation is important to document. Our team’s comprehensive reporting helps with this process.

OSHA will not focus its enforcement efforts on employers who are making good faith efforts to reduce ergonomic hazards. This means the employers must implement ergonomic efforts at individual worksites. OSHA has issued citations to companies that have evidenced corporate commitment to lowering ergonomic hazards in their workplaces BUT have failed to effectively implement that commitment at specific sites. For more information

Our San Diego Ergonomic Consulting Services Include:

  • Ergonomic consulting for office, industrial and laboratory environments
  • Developing cost-effective recommendations to mitigate all ergonomic MSD risks and potential injuries
  • Customized training and ergonomic program development by Certified Ergonomists
  • Product sourcing, office strategy for procurement and relocation
  • Professional installation by certified and trained ergo technicians

Best of Class Ergonomic Products- Full Service Ergonomic Consulting

  • A wide variety of office seating options with a demo chair program and showroom
  • Adjustable height workstation alternatives
  • A full selection of ergonomic accessories for all types of workstations
  • Retrofit services that save money and can be leveraged for floors or complete office retrofits
  • Design and installation of collaborative furniture customized to each user application.
  • Ergonomic training and seminars



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