San Diego Ergonomic Office Design

Functional is beutiful

Ergonomic Office Design Combined with Ergonomics is The Best of Both Worlds

Pacific Ergonomics, Inc. partners together with the leading designers to help create beautiful spaces that are functional and healthy. Our team provides ergonomic consulting, ergonomic products, and installation services to achieve functional goals and we work together with the designer who ensures that everything looks beautiful. Our San Diego ergonomic office design services help our clients invest in the proper ergonomic equipment, install and adjust it correctly for each user and provide tools and consultation to support success long-term. We provide solutions that are unique and individual to your workforce. We partner together with some of the leading design firms to ensure that our clients get the best look that is functional and healthy. 

Creating Healthy, Functional Spaces That Are Also Beautiful 

Our design services include 
Our height-adjustable ergonomic sit-stand design services help companies purchase attractive desks, yet also ones that are ergonomically correct and won’t need to be replaced with discomfort claims.
Pacific Ergonomics has 20 years of experience providing ergonomic relocation services to the San Diego community. When you are moving it is a great time to get a consultation on your office to ensure that it is protecting your employees against injury and helping them be most productive.
If you need conference chairs, lounge seating, guest seating, or task seating, our consultants will help provide the right solutions. We also can provide specialty task chairs including
Companies that work only with a design firm will typically receive solutions that are designed for the average population. Our team understands that people outside of the average norm suffer in discomfort and we can help. Our products, design consultations, and installation services help ensure that employees who are outside of the norm will feel better and more productive than they ever have before.
If an interior is very attractive but employees are injured and don’t feel good, the aesthetics diminishes. Pacific Ergonomics can help provide very attractive designs, yet they will also help protect employees. So often companies pay twice. Once for the furniture that the design company suggested and once for the new solution that we provide. Working with Pacific Ergonomics from the start will save you money, time and decrease the risk of injury and discomfort.
Our team can ensure that your design needs are met both being attractive, fits within the space and is ergonomically correct.
A program for preferred clients, to test our chairs or sit-stand tables in the workplace to help determine the appropriate product needed.
Part of the design services we offer is creating solutions knowing that the employees you have now will not work for you forever. Our best of class ergonomic solutions and consulting will help you save money on the lifetime of your equipment by being able to reuse equipment for multiple people, but adjusting it to their needs. .
Pacific Ergonomics can provide solutions for training rooms, conference rooms, .