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Do you need an ergonomic laboratory assessment consultation in San Diego, California? If so we are here to help! Call us at 619-546-0872 ext 101 for a free consultation.

Pacific Ergonomics provides San Diego laboratory ergonomic assessment services for labs of all types. This includes San Diego labs that work with hoods, microscopes, safety cabinets or pipettes. Our ergonomic laboratory services  in San Diego help companies of all kinds decrease the risk of Muscular Skeletal Disorders (MSDs) that can come from research and development, incubator, clinical and medical laboratories, bio safety, clean rooms and pharmacies.

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Our San Diego Lab Assessments Help Reduce the Risk of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) 

OSHA has stated that laboratory workers are at high risk for repetitive motion injuries during routine laboratory procedures such as: pipetting, working at microscopes, operating microtomes, using cell counters and keyboarding at computer workstations.

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Working in awkward postures in laboratory hoods can create ergonomic problems. Working with heavy lab equipment that sits on tables that are not height adjustable can also create reaching and awkward postures that lead to problems. Prolonged sitting, standing or incorrect postures cost companies millions of dollars in Workers Comp claims and leave employees less productive. 

The great news is that our San Diego laboratory ergonomists are able to provide evaluations, training and products that create measurable changes. Even small changes, can help drastically reduce risk. Changes  in the laboratory through education, training for effective postures, new processes, and one on one ergonomic laboratory assessments at  your San Diego facility can help protect lab employees and protect companies from increased Workers Comp Claims.

Ergonomic Laboratory Assessments, Consulting and Training in San Diego

Our San Diego lab ergonomic team can customize the service that is right for your company. We offer preventative ergonomic assessments, job duty analysis, return to work from Workers Comp and Discomfort evaluations. If you would like an evaluation of your team in general, we also provide this service.

Need Ergonomic Lab Equipment?

Pacific Ergonomics also provides lab stools, task chairs, complete office ergo equipment, customized monitor arms to support as many monitors as needed.

Our team also provides lab ergonomic equipment such as customized height-adjustable lab tables that can hold very large heavy lab equipment, yet provide flexibility for different size users.

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OSHA Safety Laboratory Guidelines