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Pacific Ergonomics can help your team create the most effective ergonomic solution to build out a new lab or to retrofit an existing laboratory.


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Height Adjustable Laboratory Benching (Electric and Manual)

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Ergonomic Lab Consulting (Ergonomics, Design, Product Selection, Test Samples)

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Pacific Ergonomic San Diego Lab Furniture Dealership Provides Seating and Benching: 

Increase Retention in the Lab with the Proper Seating for Specific Tasks

Having the correct lab stool for the specific task is vital to increasing productivity and retaining employees. If employees are uncomfortable doing their job they won’t be as happy, or as productive. They can also get injured, which costs companies money.

Our team provides expert guidance to help you chose from the widest selection of best-of-class, specialty laboratory benching, ESD, hospital stools, research lab stools, medical stools,  clean room seating and lab stools

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Our San Diego Lab Team Can Design and Install Laboratory  Microscope Bench with Height Adjustable Tables with Cut Outs: 

Increase Productivity While Using a Microscope
Without the proper positioning, employees can not work as long using a microscope. In addition, prolonged use of the microscope without the proper set up commonly leads to chronic pain in the neck, back and shoulders.

Our specialty microscope tables are height adjustable with a cut out so the user can comfortably and productivity work longer without experiencing pain.

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