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Pacific Ergonomics is the premier San Diego office furniture dealer that provides comprehensive ergonomic commercial office furniture products and consulting solutions. Our expertise in ergonomics enables us to create effective office furniture solutions in San Diego that help employees feel great working and be most productive. Our design team helps ensure these same solutions are stunning. We provide  commercial interior design and space planning, CAD drawings, storage of products, procurement and full service installation services.


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What Type of Office Furniture in San Diego is Needed?

If you are needing office furniture in San Diego, you have come to the right place. The question is, what type of office furniture do you need and more importantly what is the application? It is important to understand your environment, your goals and needs in order to determine what solution is best.

1. Benching, otherwise known as Open Office Furniture

Benching is an office furniture term that refers to employees who are working together in an open space with desks with little privacy.

1. Have more people in an office space for the least amount of cost
2. Ideal for employees who are not in the office full time. (Part time in the field and part time in the office, or part time at home and part time in the office.)

1. Little privacy
2. Acoustic issues can be significant if not designed properly

2. Cubicle Office Furniture in San Diego

Cubicles is an office furniture term that refers to employees who are working together in an open space with divider walls for privacy.


1. Design open office spaces in San Diego to maximize space, yet provide privacy.
2. Acoustic fabrics can mute the sound.

1. The office furniture procurement costs in San Diego are higher than they would be for a benching solution
2. Less flexible to make changes if traditional cubicle designs are used. (There are other options that keep flexibility)

3. Circular Enclave Furniture in San Diego

Circular Enclaves are often used with modern furniture design. They are rounded instead of square.

1. Rounded circular office furniture maximizes open space.
2. Unique aesthetic modern design that doesn’t look like every other office.

1. The company needs to want a modern office furniture design. It is not a traditional look.
2. Fewer options to choose from in the market. However our team is here to help you as Pacific Ergonomics is the number 1 circular office dealer in San Diego.

4. Sit Stand Desk San Diego

Sit stand desks, otherwise known as height adjustable desks or sitting and standing desks,  are ergonomic, functional and very important. The biggest obstacle is people think they are only for sitting and standing, hence the name. The reality is they help users have the correct sitting and standing height ergonomically (to prevent ergonomic injuries (EI)), otherwise known as Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs).

True to their name. sit stand desks in San Diego also promote circulation helping people sit and stand throughout the day. Please note though, there are so many different grades of height adjustable desks. The pricing can range drastically based on the ammout of range that is given. The reason this is important is employees are different heights, and will not stay at the company forever. Your investment in office furniture should support employees of all heights, arm lengths and body sizes.

Pacific Ergonomics recommends to only invest in “three stage bases” which enables users to go between 21″ to 48 1/2. Do you buy two stage bases to save money. If you do you will need to add a keyboard tray and/or footrest, which has less of a lifespan than the desk, so you will have to replace many times over ten years.

1. Empower employees to work at the correct height sitting or standing regardless of their height. (A 30″ desk is standard in the industry and is too high for 90% of the population in the U.S.)
2. Increase circulation and promote movement. (Sit and stand throughout the day is healthy and good for mental clarity and well being)

1. It costs more than a office desk in San Diego that isn’t height adjustable.
2. Often sit to stand desks are lacking pencil drawers. There are solutions around this, but most height adjustable sit/stand desks in San Diego do not include this. Call us we can help.

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