Should I Buy a Standing Desk if I Don’t Want to Stand?

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I often get asked, “are there benefits to a standing desk” if you never want to stand in the day? The answer is unequivocally YES!

Other than increasing your circulation and promoting movement throughout the day, there are significant benefits of height adjustable sit to stand desks. Standing desks enable you to have the proper posture, where your arms are at a 90 degree angle with both feet on the ground. Adjustable desks make this easy to accomplish, while it is often a challenge with many standard office desks.

If you are shorter, the standard 30 inch desk is typically too high so you are placing footstools in the way, or installing keyboard trays. If you are taller, you are doing your best to open up your legs so they fit under the desk. Neither are good options.

Top Five Benefits of a Standing Desk, Even if You Don’t Want to Stand:

1. If you are shorter, you will no longer need to use a foot rest. Hooray! You will be able to lower the desk so you comfortably have both feet on the ground.

-If you are shorter, the standard 30 inch desk is typically too high so you are placing footstools in the way, or installing keyboard trays.

2. If you are taller, you will no longer be forced to position your legs in strange and contorted ways to get yourself under the a desk that was meant for a height four inches shorter than you are. If you are tall……….you know how amazing this would be!
Standing desks prevent contact stress

In the picture above, the leg has “contact stress” which compresses the soft tissue. Also if you can’t comfortably put your legs under the desk, it is likely that the chair isn’t high enough for proper posture. This is a common problem with taller people with normal office desks. 


3. If you have an adjustable desk and a quality ergonomic chair, you can be 100 percent certain that you will be able to position yourself correctly.

4. Many people slouch at their desk because they are not comfortable. This desk looks like it would hit this man’s legs if he had the proper posture. Not to mention his chair is not supportive, so people slouch to try and get back support.

Slouching is very harmful to your body when working on a computer

5. You will no longer need to invest in a keyboard tray.  One of the most common reasons for getting an articulating keyboard tray is the legs won’t fit under a desk, or the desk is too high for the user. With a standing desk the desk can be raised or lowered for the proper ergonomic posture.

6. If you are sharing your office desk with your wife, husband or kids (good luck 🙂 …..each person can position for their specific size to be most comfortable.

7. With standing desks, you don’t have problem that many office desks have with drawers underneath that pinch on your legs. You can order drawers customized with standing desks, but can raise or lower the desk so it fits your body.

A home office desk that is too low can place pressure on your legs and create problems
With a height adjustable desk, it could be raised to prevent the contact stress on the legs

Order a sit to stand desk today. Pacific Ergonomics can ship two commercial grade height adjustable desks  to your home in 7 days. (24×48 or a 30×60) We also have a small 24×36″ standing desk if space is limited with a two week ship time.

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