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Pacific Ergonomics strives to develop professional relationships based on integrity and friendly, knowledgeable service. Pacific Ergonomics is a resource you can depend on to provide comfort to your employees in the workplace.

Pacific Ergonomics is Committed to Helping Your Company Create the Best of Class Ergonomic Program that Has Bottom Line Results.


Experienced and Certified Ergonomists:

Pacific Ergonomics has ergonomists that conduct thousands of ergonomic assessments a year with experienced, skilled and certified ergonomists. Our entire team is trained and certified in office ergonomics, industrial ergonomics, lab ergonomics, and healthcare ergonomics. They receive on-going education and certifications from a variety of different institutions. Real-world experience and our proprietary tools, enable our ergonomist to personally help employees and help companies decrease the risk of injury and Workers Comp claims and increase employee morale and productivity.

Ergonomic Account Management:

Each one of our clients is assigned an Account Manager to manage their account. All Account Managers have also certified ergonomists, so they can help properly procure products, understand how they need to be installed, create effective ergonomic programs, and help ensure that your team is 100% satisfied.

We are Obsessesed about Our Continued Committement to Provide Customized Ergonomic Programs that Provide the Highest Level of Personalized Care and Support Possible! 


Certified Ergonomic Installation Technicians in San Diego:

Our installation technicians have the first level of certified training for ergonomics. We feel this is very important because they are able to not only assembly, deliver and install equipment, they are able to fit each solution so it is the correct height of each employee. For example, our demo program we provide chairs that employees can use for a week. Our technicians deliver the chair and pick it up a week later. When they deliver it, they teach the employee how to adjust their chair so it is properly set up for their workstation.

Serving San Diego Ergonomic Business Needs for 20 Years.

Our team has 20 Years of Experience Serving San Diego Companies:  Our experienced ergonomic team in San Diego has 20 years of experience helping companies create customized ergonomic programs.

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