Pacific Ergonomics delivers highly instructive ergonomic training and educational seminars. Our approach to ergonomic training is dynamic. Our training modules are focused on educating employees in the use of sound ergonomic principles to prevent the risk of injury. Much of the training that we provide is adopted by employees beyond the workplace. Pacific Ergonomics can provide employee training and seminars at flexible times during the workday.

On-Site Training

Pacific Ergonomics approaches training by aligning our principles with your company’s overall safety program. We are always mindful of delivering ergonomic products and services that are cost-effective. Our specific goals are:

  • Ergonomic processes that increase flow/production, reduce material/energy waste, and decrease the likelihood of injury
  • Design using evidence-based risk management and wellness procedures that can easily be implemented
  • Employee health and safety processes that prevent or reduce risk of injury

Even the best ergonomic products can be ineffective if the employee does not understand their proper use.

Our experts apply sound ergonomic principles to teach every employee the proper use of ergonomics to:

  1. Reduce the risk of injury
  2. Increase productivity
  3. Improve work quality and performance
  4. Improve employee morale and reduce employee turnover and absenteeism.