Virtual Ergonomic Assessments and Training

Pacific Ergonomics, Inc. provides telephonic, virtual ergonomic assessment services nationwide from a professional ergonomist over the phone. We conduct this service for some of the largest companies in the U.S. Regardless if you have a home office and/or you work for a small, medium or a large corporation, our virtual ergonomic assessments can help you feel most productive and feel great working. Companies reduce risk, decrease discomfort, and reduce the risk of Workers Comp claims.  For information on home office support services 

Virtual Office or Lab Assessments Save Time and Money

 Virtual ergonomic assessment services typically take 30 minutes and include a report that is emailed within 48 hours. Our team works within the policies of the company and the comfort of the employee to determine if we also use pictures of the workstation, video, none of which are required to conduct effective consultations.

Benefits of Virtual Assessments versus On-site Assessments

  • Virtual evaluations enable a company to create a program for offices nationwide, even remote locations
  • There is a decreased cost for virtual assessments versus onsite assessments since they are done over the phone without travel costs
  • Virtual ergonomic assessments are ideal for remote areas and home offices that have unusual work situations that typically have little to no transparency
  • Ergonomic assessments over the phone provide the service faster to prevent injury, decrease comfort and increase productivity
  • There is anonymity over the telephone that many employees feel comfortable with. Comfortable employees can work longer and harder
  • Virtual assessments provide immediate attention to employees in discomfort.
  • Remote virtual evaluation services are also a wonderful added HR benefit and preventative safety tool.

Here’s How Our Virtual Ergonomic Assessment Services Works

  • Your ergonomist will send a questionnaire for you to complete and return to us with three digital images of you at your station.
  • This questionnaire also helps us understand your areas of concern and get an overview of your current workstation layout.
  • In 1/2 hour, certified ergonomists will help you make changes and will empower you with the reasons why these changes will help reduce discomfort.
  • You will then send us a photo of the recommended changes that were made during the call.
  •  Our report is completed in 48 hours notating changes made, areas of concern, recommendations, and your before and after images.

At the conclusion of the assessment process, we’ll ask for your evaluation of our work and its effects.

Schedule a Virtual Ergonomic Consultation anywhere in the U.S. or Help Us Create a Program For You!


If your company is interested in creating a risk mitigation program that includes virtual office phone assessments, please call to learn more about our program and discuss how this can be integrated into your overall wellness goals.


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