One-Stop Shop Provider for “Everything Ergonomic” or Chose Our “A La Cart” Services

Pacific Ergonomics make ergonomics easy, as we believe that working should not hurt regardless if you work in an office, a laboratory, a grocery store, a hospital or a dental office. Working does not have to hurt with proper ergonomics.

Overview of Services: 

Pacific Ergonomics  is a full service ergonomic provider that provides “Soup to Nuts,” One-Stop shop ergonomic services. Our full service solutions include ergonomic consulting, ergonomic assessments, ergonomic products and delivery/installation services for homes and businesses.

Benefit of our full service of services: 
Pacific Ergonomics’ services saves clients time, money and prevents injuries and costly Workers Comp claims.  Our full service clients do not have to spend time knitting together solutions from multiple vendors, which typically leads to longer solution times for employees in pain. Instead with Pacific Ergonomics’ full service offerings, companies can save time and money by leveraging our expertise and resources from certified ergonomists and professional installers. The end result is employees in discomfort get helped faster, which tremendously reduces risk of their discomfort getting worse.

How We Help Companies Who Have Internal Ergonomists:
Many large companies have internal ergonomists who perform their own in-house ergonomic consultations. That is great too. We partner closely with our company ergonomists and serve as an extension to provide any needed support they require with product application, purchasing products and delivery and installing. Ergonomists rely on us to stay on top of all of the changes and nuances in products. This helps ergonomists perform their important task of meeting with employees and developing solutions. We partner to implement their solutions. Pacific Ergonomic’s  product expertise, rapid procurement and installation and delivery services saves ergonomists and health and safety teams a tremendous amount of time, reduces the risk of injuries, and saves them hundreds of hours of time over the course of a year.

Weekly On-Site Services:
Pacific Ergonomics also provides weekly on-site services for companies. Sometimes a company doesn’t need a full time ergonomist, but they need a person who is regularly on-site working on projects and helping employees. Our ergonomists can contract to be onsite from a 1/2 day a week to three days a week, being able to expand and contract when needed.  

How We Are Unique?

  • Our trained ergonomists have both ergonomic expertise and ergonomic product expertise. This is critically important as our team  helps ensure that employee purchase the correct products from over 50 best of class suppliers. (We receive weekly training and are always vetting out new products)
  • By providing soup to nuts service, employees won’t have to spend their time trying to figure out “what they should buy,” and potentially risk buying the wrong thing. (This happens all the time and costs companies a lot of money paying twice with employees in discomfort)
  • Pacific Ergonomics’ supports on-site ergonomists with specialty needs and problems enabling them to serve a greater number of employees.
  • Full service assembly and installation services of all ergonomic products are available at the office or at people’s homes by ergonomically trained technicians.
  • Our assessment services are available M-Friday, and are done by experienced, certified ergonomists who have on average 15-20 years of experience.
  • Pacific Ergonomics has a robust ergonomic chair program and local showroom in San Diego where we customize a chair or a sit to stand desk to fit an employee’s body size and support their ergonomic needs.
  • Discounts on products available when combined with company preventative assessment services. (This helps pay for a good portion of the assessment costs,  in many cases it pays for the entire assessment investment)

Four Areas That We Partner With Companies to Help Their Employees:

#1. Injury Prevention


Employee injuries resulting from repetitive motion and poor ergonomics cost American businesses billions of dollars annually. In fact, OSHA reports that a single injury from poor ergonomics incurs an average cost between $60,158 to $82,305 per incident.

Companies that employ good ergonomic practices have:

  • Over a 60% reduction in musculoskeletal disorders
  • Over an 80% reduction in cost per injury claim and worker’s compensation expenditures
  • Improved safety with an average 64% reduction in overall injuries
  • Implementing solutions properly that have form and function saves money from having to later rip it out because employees have discomfort.

#2. Partner with Internal Health and Safety Teams To Solve Problems

Ergonomic product and consulting services in San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange County

Companies that have internal ergonomists often support more employees then there is time in the day. We help with fast and friendly service to provide product support and assistance to ensure their employees are taken care of quickly and efficienty.

Faster Deployment of the Correct Products Mean:

  • Discomfort reports don’t turn into injuries due to taking a long time to get the needed products
  • The correct products are purchased to solve the problems, which saves money and achieves the goals
  • Time is freed up for ergonomists if they can have a neutral ergonomist that receives training regularly from over 50 best of class ergonomic suppliers

#3. Human Resource Benefits

Employee turnover and absenteeism negatively impacts profitability. Some of the associated costs are lost time and energy in hiring and training new employees, while worker productivity suffers as companies become understaffed. Poor ergonomics can also contribute to human resource overload.

Sound ergonomic strategies result in:

  • An 87% reduction in turnover
  • An 88% reduction in lost workdays
  • A 46% decrease in absentee rates
  • Employees report better morale.

San Diego ergonomic services reduce the risk of injury

#4. Employee Performance Benefits

If you need ergonomic services in San Diego, OC or LA, our team is here to help.

When employee performance suffers, so does the ability of any business to produce high quality products and services. Proper ergonomics dramatically improves employee performance.

Organizations that incorporate ergonomics as part of their safety protocol have, on average:

  • A 32% reduction in employee errors
  • A 17% increase in employee productivity
  • Employees who feel good work harder and longer.

Studies have proven that employee morale and engagement improves exponentially at companies that integrate ergonomic processes in the workplace. Pacific Ergonomics provides product solutions and expert consulting services to companies that experience a sustainable and continual ROI or return on investment.

Pacific Ergonomics is a Women Owned Small business, and a California Micro Business that has provided Southern California ergonomic services for over 20 years.

As a full-service ergonomic provider with a stellar reputation in the San Diego and Southern California market, we bring four areas of expertise to our clients.
1.  Ergonomic application product expertise in a neutral place offering solutions from over 50 suppliers.
2.  Expertise in ergonomic assessments and consulting with certified professional ergonomists.
3.  Procurement from 50 best of class ergonomic suppliers- yet being able to purchase all in one place.
4. Assembly, delivery and installation expertise from technicians who are also trained in ergonomics.

Our Value: Pacific Ergonomics is a soup to nuts full service trusted advisor providing best of class high quality products, trained and professional ergonomist and professional technicians who can deliver and install.

Bottom-Line Benefits: We become an extension of our clients team helping to reduce the risk of injury, prevent Workers Compensation claims, while also helping to save time and money for key partner departments such as facilities, internal ergonomists, HR, EHS safety and the executive leadership team. 

Customized San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles Ergonomic Services

Pacific Ergonomics services can complement an existing ergonomic program, or we help create a customized ergonomic program in San Diego that has results. We can create an online ergonomic software training program with self-assessments, and then provide the ergonomic assessment services and installation services using best of class products. This saves your team time and money. Other clients have internal ergonomists and just need a portion of our services. Our solutions are customized to compliment and achieve our client’s goals.

Our services include consulting, ergonomic software solutions, providing San Diego onsite ergonomic assessments, telephonic virtual assessments, (available in the U.S.) assembling, delivering, and installing products. Even our technicians have the first level of ergonomic certifications so they understand how to properly install, and fit products so it is ergonomically correct for each employee. All of our clients also have a dedicated Account Manager, who is also an ergonomist, with a directive and mission to provide “off the charts,” outstanding, personalized service, and care.

Our team customizes our services so it helps our clients reduce the risk of discomfort and injury of their employees. It also helps employees increase productivity and morale.

Our Ergonomic Services in Southern California Include:

  • Ergonomic consulting for offices, hospitals, industrial and laboratory environments
  • Developing cost-effective recommendations to mitigate all ergonomic risks and potential injuries
  • Customized training and ergonomic program development by Certified Ergonomists
  • Report Out meetings that create change.
  • Professional installation

Our Solutions Include:

  • A wide variety of office seating options
  • Adjustable height workstation alternatives
  • A full selection of ergonomic accessories for all types of workstations
  • Design and installation of collaborative furniture customized to each user application.

Long Term Partnership With Our Clients:

  • We partner with our clients long term where the average client has been with us for over eight years and some clients have been with us for decades.
  • We have a 98% retention rate of repeat business.
  • Once our clients start working with us and see the value and benefits we offer, they stay with us for years.