Why Pacific Ergonomics?

Pacific Ergonomics has provided Southern California ergonomic services for over 20 years, serving companies in San Diego, Orange County, Riverside County, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles (LA.)  Ergonomics is our specialty and that is all we do. As a full-service ergonomic provider, we have an experienced team of certified ergonomists that have specialties in specific markets like manufacturing, hospitals, laboratories, and office. Our team helps identify risk and then works together with our client to help drive results that have a significant bottom-line impact.  We partner with our clients long term and have a 98% retention rate of clients who use our full service solution programs.

Customer Success:

“Our biotechnology firm places a high priority on proper ergonomics to mitigate musculoskeletal discomfort and injury.  For the last 8 years, Pacific Ergonomics (PE) has been our preferred provider for office, operational and task specific assessments for our 2400 person site.  During this time, PE’s skilled staff have demonstrated high competency for elucidating often difficult to detect workplace stressors then providing both logical and creative solutions.  PE has performed with agility managing our large number of short notice and often-changing requests while demonstrating broad bandwidth of capabilities including automated self-help tools, virtual assessment tools, office ergonomic assessments and solutions, task specific assessments using precise measurements and risk calculations, supply of ergonomic equipment and most recently remote assessments.”  A large biotech company in Southern California.


Our consulting and ergonomic products have powerful bottom-line affects including: 

  • Prevent injuries
  • Decrease costly Workers Comp claims which account for a 1/3 of all costs that companies face.
  • Save money and time
  • Streamline operations with creative programs
  • Empower employees to feel great and healthy
  • Improve morale
  • Increase productivity
  • Decrease employee errors
  • Improve retention

All companies strive to invest sufficient capital in order to provide the best products and services to bring to market. However, many companies are not optimized to protect their most valuable asset—the employees or their human capital. Because the modern-day employee demands a healthier workplace, there is a marked demand for the continual advancement and safety of the workplace environment.

One of the key demands in today’s workplace is ergonomics. Organizations that properly integrate ergonomics into their workplace and safety management are benefiting from the use of ergonomics.  These companies will experience significant benefits in multiple areas within their organization.

  • We are a Woman-Owned Small business that has a deep commitment to providing outstanding services and support to the community with bottom-line results.

What is your company doing about ergonomics and employee safety?

Pacific Ergonomics Can Help Your Company Benefit in 3 Major Areas:

Injury Prevention

Employee injuries resulting from repetitive motion and poor ergonomics cost American businesses billions of dollars annually. In fact, OSHA reports that a single injury from poor ergonomics incurs an average cost between $60,158 to $82,305 per incident.

Companies that employ good ergonomic practices have:

  • Over a 60% reduction in musculoskeletal disorders
  • Over an 80% reduction in cost per injury claim and worker’s compensation expenditures
  • Improved safety with an average 64% reduction in overall injuries

Human Resource Benefits

Employee turnover and absenteeism negatively impacts profitability. Some of the associated costs are lost time and energy in hiring and training new employees, while worker productivity suffers as companies become understaffed. Poor ergonomics can also contribute to human resource overload.

Sound ergonomic strategies result in:

  • An 87% reduction in turnover
  • An 88% reduction in lost workdays
  • A 46% decrease in absentee rates
San Diego ergonomic services reduce the risk of injury

Employee Performance Benefits

If you need ergonomic services in San Diego, OC or LA, our team is here to help.
When employee performance suffers, so does the ability of any business to produce high quality products and services. Proper ergonomics dramatically improves employee performance.

Organizations that incorporate ergonomics as part of their safety protocol have, on average:

  • A 32% reduction in employee errors
  • A 17% increase in employee productivity

Studies have proven that employee morale and engagement improves exponentially at companies that integrate ergonomic processes in the workplace. Pacific Ergonomics provides product solutions and expert consulting services to companies that experience a sustainable and continual ROI or return on investment.

Customized San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles Ergonomic Services

Pacific Ergonomics services can complement an existing ergonomic program, or we help create a customized ergonomic program in San Diego that has results. We can create an online ergonomic software training program with self-assessments, and then provide the ergonomic assessment services and installation services using best of class products. This saves your team time and money. Other clients have internal ergonomists and just need a portion of our services. Our solutions are customized to compliment and achieve our client’s goals.

Our services include consulting, ergonomic software solutions, providing San Diego onsite ergonomic assessments, telephonic virtual assessments, (available in the U.S.) assembling, delivering, and installing products. Even our technicians have the first level of ergonomic certifications so they understand how to properly install, and fit products so it is ergonomically correct for each employee. All of our clients also have a dedicated Account Manager, who is also an ergonomist, with a directive and mission to provide “off the charts,” outstanding, personalized service, and care.

Our team customizes our services so it helps our clients reduce the risk of discomfort and injury of their employees. It also helps employees increase productivity and morale.

Our Ergonomic Services in Southern California Include:

  • Ergonomic consulting for offices, hospitals, industrial and laboratory environments
  • Developing cost-effective recommendations to mitigate all ergonomic risks and potential injuries
  • Customized training and ergonomic program development by Certified Ergonomists
  • Report Out meetings that create change.
  • Professional installation

Our Solutions Include:

  • A wide variety of office seating options
  • Adjustable height workstation alternatives
  • A full selection of ergonomic accessories for all types of workstations
  • Design and installation of collaborative furniture customized to each user application.