When seated, your arms should be a a 90 degree angle with both feet on the floor or a footrest. If your arms are in the proper position and they are not on the floor, that is when you want to use a footrest.

Adjustable footrests allow users who can’t reach the floor to still have feet flat and planted. Having your feet out in front of you on a footrest naturally pushes you back into the chair for better support and posture.

Industrial footrests are available for industrial settings and for users who sit and stand throughout their day.

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Keep Feet Planted

If your feet dangle because of the height of your chair, footrests allow you to plant your feet on a firm surface. The first step to having good posture is having a good foundation. When your feet aren’t flat on the floor, the foundation of your posture is weak, which can lead to a number of issues.

Promotes Circulation

Because footrests are designed to benefit users, the angles at which they sit promote better circulation. When your feet are slightly angled up, it allows for the blood to flow naturally. Some footrests articulate which means they have some sort of movement and aren’t fixed to one position.

Corrects Forward-Leaning

Footrests are helpful for postural issues. A common ergonomic challenge is people rounding their spine, leaning forward out of their chairs. When done repetitively, bad posture can lead to injury in the spine and neck and other extremities connected with the spine. A great way to combat bad posture is by allowing the backrest of your chair to do the bulk of the work. Footrests can help accomplish this because your feet are out in front of you, naturally pushing your back into the backrest.