If employees don’t feel good working, it doesn’t matter how attractive something is, or how much a company paid for it. Furniture for offices, labs, manufacturing, and healthcare has to be practical, attractive, functional, and ergonomic to ensure that employees will thrive.

As a specialty service provider, we provide ergonomic consulting and product expertise to ensure that solutions are attractive, functional, and healthy to maximize human performance and your employee’s potential.

Expert Guidance of Products in Multiple Industries

Our team helps you provide the correct products for your employees to be healthy and productive. Our ergonomic experts are certified and experienced and can help create happy and health employees. We also offer board certified Physical Therapist who can prevent OSHA recordable and ensure employees don’t have un-needed sick days.

Attentive service

Exceptional customer service, attention to detail, minimizing all ergonomic jargon, and providing clients with a seamless user experience that produces results.

Experienced, certified ergonomic professionals

Our ergonomic experts are trained in proper ergonomics and over 45 best of class product solutions.

Fast response

When employees are in discomfort, our team is here to help provide a fast and helpful resolution.

Creative, customized Solutions

We partner with our clients to help support their needs where they need it. Customized solutions that drive results.

Product Expertise

Ergonomic product solutions are complicated and ever changing. We ensure our clients have the best solutions to reduce the risk of injury, save money and time.

Continual process improvement

We have a continual process improvement mindset as clients partner with us for decades and we always try to explore how we can serve to the best of our abilities.

Custom Design/Build

When “off-the-shelf products don’t appropriately decrease risk of injury, our experienced industrial ergonomist and engineers can design/build a product to solve high-risk problems.

Our Showroom and Ergo Lab

Pacific Ergonomics Showroom and Ergo Lab are available by appointment. Please feel free to come in and test our products before deciding to purchase. Pacific Ergonomics has a wide variety of products to try.