About Our Company

Pacific Ergonomics was founded as a woman-owned small business and full-service ergonomic solutions provider.

The company was built on the foundation of sound ergonomic principles and exceptional customer service.

Our approach to ergonomics is based on scientifically proven methods to customize your work environment
and provide you with maximum ergonomic comfort and safety.

We provide solutions that are unique and individual to your workforce.

Our Mission Statement

To promote the health, safety and well-being of our customers through
ergonomic evaluations and scientifically proven ergonomic products,
adapting the workplace to the employee, driven by our commitment
to exceptional customer service.

Pacific Ergonomics Competitive Advantage

Our services are based on sound ergonomic principles and industry standards.
Exceptional customer service, attention to detail, and providing clients with a seamless user experience.
Existing and ongoing education and certifications in the field of ergonomics, human physiology and kinesiology.
Continually seeking new ergonomic products and solutions for all of our clients’ individual needs.
Focus on the health and physical well-being of our clients through customized ergonomic products and services.
Promote an intelligent and substantive dialogue among all industry groups.
A program for preferred clients, to test our chairs or sit-stand tables in the workplace to help determine the appropriate product needed.
We offer programs through our Certified Ergonomists, to evaluate an employee’s ergonomic needs, helping to reduce discomfort and injury in the workplace.
Pacific Ergonomics Showroom and Ergo Lab are available by appointment. Please feel free to come in and test our products before deciding to purchase. Pacific Ergonomics has a wide variety of products to try.