Pacific Ergonomics Ergonomic Solutions

We all need food, water, and proper ergonomics. Regardless if you work for a law firm, a bio-tech company, a defense contractor, a hospital or a university, the challenge is that humans are able to move outside of what is healthy for us to do. When we do what are bodies were not designed to do, discomfort and injury occur.

Proper ergonomics fits the job to the worker enabling more effective productivity and decreased the risk of injury.

Our Mission is To Help Create Happy, Healthy and Productive Workers

If people are happy, healthy and feel great, they are productive and get more work done. This is a fact of all industries. Our team of certified, experienced ergonomists and product specialists are dedicated to helping our clients be safe, healthy and feel great working

Industries We Serve with Our Ergonomic Solutions:

Labs have some of the highest Workers Comp claims in the industry. Our ergonomic consultative services combined with our ergonomic product and installation services, help our biotech clients decrease risk and Workers Comp claims.
Ergonomic solutions in hospitals can range from our adjustable customized patient  sofas which reduce risk of nurses and cleaning staff who have to often move the furniture each time a family member sleeps in a room, to industrial ergonomic consultation, patient handling and better ways to use medical carts.
Pacific Ergonomics provides best of class behavioral health ergonomic furniture solutions to ensure the safety and well being of the patients.
Faculty staff, administration, and facilities of universities and colleges face unique ergonomic and logistical challenges in administering an ergonomic program. Often campuses are very spread out where delivery and installation services are key. New buildings are being developed, people are often moved and shifted as growth occurs, and faculty employees need products and consultation services as this happens.
Lawyers and paralegals spend an enormous amount of time working at their computer workstation with heightened stress levels.  Many attorneys develop behavioral postures such as “perching on their” chair as they are working in a fast-paced environment. If their workstations are not properly aligned to their needs and if their postures are not corrected, this can lead to significant health issues. Our law firm ergonomic quick check legal consultation services can prevent injury and/or decrease discomfort, and help the entire law firm have more stamina to work the long hours needed for success.
Insurance agents spend a lot of time at the workstation and interviewing clients. Often the workstation configurations are not ergonomically structured to work solo and to work effectively with a client in the room. Our ergonomic insurance consultations, assessments, and product solutions can increase productivity and reduce the risk of injury.
Pacific Ergonomics works with the State of California, and the counties and cities within San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles. There are a variety of ergonomic challenges we help solve in police departments, fire department, and agency offices. We also have nationwide government ergonomic contracts to provide ergonomic products and consultation services.
We offer programs through our Certified Ergonomists, to evaluate an employee’s ergonomic needs, helping to reduce discomfort and injury in the workplace.
Distribution facilities and manufacturing plants have unique ergonomic challenges that our team helps create a program for and/or provide ergonomic assessments to identify risk and create solutions.