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Partnering with Our Clients to Enhance Employee Health, Wellness and Job Satisfaction

Pacific Ergonomics is a Women Owned Small business that partners with our clients long term to provide full-service ergonomic products, assessments, consulting.


With Fast, Friendly and Knowledgeable Support, We Help Our Clients:

-Reduce discomfort early
-Enhance their existing ergonomic program
-Save time

-Save money
-Streamline processes
-Procure effectively
-Deliver, assemble and install
-Reduce injuries
-Increase productivity
-Improve morale
-Partner in areas that needed added support 
-Enhance employee health, wellness and job satisfaction.

Health and WellnessReduce Discomfort and Prevent Injuries with Virtual and On-site Ergonomic Assessments

Education CertificationExperienced San Diego Ergonomic Consultants to Help Solve High Risk Problems   

Demo ProgramBest of Class Ergonomic Office Furniture, Systems Furniture, Desks and Chairs 

Core PrinciplesLocal San Diego Showroom, Warehouse and Support for Inventory, Assembly and Fast Delivery 

Health and WellnessRepresent Over 45 Best of Class Ergonomic Suppliers

Consulting and Evaluation ServicesResults oriented- We Help Reduce Risk of  Discomfort, Injury and Workers Comp claims 

Research and DevelopmentPersonal, Customized Service to Enhance Your Existing Ergonomic Program

Trade GroupsPacific Ergonomics is a Women-Owned Small Business with Active Involvement in the San Diego Community and Trade Groups

ShowroomCustomized Services Tailored to Support Your Ergonomic Program

Our San Diego Ergonomic Office Consulting Assessment Services Include:

  • Ergonomic office equipment and workspace consulting for the office, healthcare, industrial, hospitality, and laboratory environments
  • Certified ergonomists with 6 to 20 years of experience perform on-site ergonomic assessments and virtual evaluations  across the United States.
  • Developing cost effective recommendations to mitigate all ergonomic risks and potential injuries
  • Customized training and ergonomic program development by Certified Ergonomists
  • Professional installation services from certified professional ergonomists
  • Helping companies comply with the California 5110 Repetitive Motion Standard  that instructs companies to implement programs that minimize repetitive motion injuries (RMI) caused by a repetitive job, process or operation.

Our Ergonomic Office Chairs in and Workspace Solutions in San Diego California Include:

  • The best ergonomic office chairs that are top quality, reduce risk, and affordable
  • Height adjustable desks, bases and tops
  • Ergonomic keyboards, mice, keyboard trays and monitor arms
  • A full selection of ergonomic accessories for all types of workstations
  • Design and installation of collaborative furniture and custom office workstations
  • Consultants who can help ensure cost savings and quality equipment are procured
  • Private portals

Ergonomic Product and Consulting Solutions For

Offices, healthcare, laboratories, industrial, public service, dental, manufacturing, senior care and hospitality.  

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