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Ergonomic Solutions that FEEL GOOD!

  • Empower Your Employees to Feel Great Working and to Be Most Productive
  • Create Effective Ergonomic Programs for New Employees, Corporate Office and Home Office Employees
  • Solve Specialty Ergonomic ADA or Workers Comp challenges in labs, industrial or office
  • Trust a Partner Long-Term to Fill in Gaps to Achieve Even More Greatness
  • Who Says Office Furniture Can’t Look Great and Be Healthy?
  • Delight in Ordering an Ergonomic Chair that Fits the Body! How Amazing! 
  • Company Wide Ergonomic Programs for Office, Labs, Industrial, Retail, Dental to Hospitality
  • Partner with Our “A” Team Ergonomic Consultants to Solve High Risk Problems
  • Let Us Help You Build Custom Solutions Manufactured to Solve Your Specific Problem
  • Installation and Delivery Services in All Of California To Decrease Risk of Injury Quickly
  • Goal-Happy, Healthy and Productive Employees is What Inspires Us Every Day!

Our Solutions Help Employees Be Happy, Healthy and Productive


As a risk management and commercial insurance brokerage firm, we are always in search of experts to help us provide high quality resources and services for our clientele. We were introduced to Annie Berzanski, CEO of Pacific Ergonomics, a few months back and were fortunate to have Annie as the keynote speaker of an educational webinar on ergonomics we recently hosted as part of our LyonsEDU program. Annie is wealth of knowledge on ergonomics and has the expertise and services to help any organization improve staff health and safety through ergonomics, whether your employees are still remote or employed in corporate workplaces, on-site field offices, manufacturing plants or labs.
18:13 29 Mar 21
Pacific Ergo has recently helped us with a couple of height-adjustable benches and desk cubicles that help us stay compliant with social-distancing. We work in a fast-paced labs where we come into close proximity with other individuals, but they helped us develop a solution that maximizes the safety of our employees and is conducive to our business. I will be ordering more desks from Annie!
Esteban F.
Esteban F.
23:23 10 Mar 21
My former company in Carlsbad uses Pacific Ergonomics. I loved the chair I had in my time working there. When I moved to Atlanta and began working from home as most of us have, I sought out Pacific Ergonomics to see if I could order a similar chair for home. They came to the rescue! Seamless process to find the right chair, order it, and received in just a few weeks. Great company and people to do business with!! Annie and Jerry are the best - my backside and body thanks you!
Amy B.
Amy B.
12:41 25 Aug 20
This was a rare and very welcome find in my search for a better fitting/ergonomic chair! Their team was so knowledgeable and patient as I sat in several chairs. So much so, that my husband ended up buying one too! And compared to other retailers I had researched, Pacific Ergonomics has much better quality and MUCH better pricing. I was lucky to be there in person, but I think it's really cool that they can fit you virtually and have so many ergonomic items beyond chairs!
Nancy H.
Nancy H.
18:32 07 Jul 20
I cannot recommend Pacific Ergonomics highly enough. This company provided me with exactly the solution I needed and did so promptly, courteously, and with total professionalism. I am an attorney and have low vision and thus had special needs in setting up my home office to begin working from home. When I contacted the owner, Annie Berzanski, she was extremely helpful and knew exactly what was required to suit me. I was able to arrange for a visit to their showroom that same day where Dan Floyd provided me with an excellent recommendation for a functional office setup. Two days later, the equipment was delivered to my home and installed by their expert movers without a hitch. I believe Pacific Ergonomics can provide the perfect solution for any company or individual like me looking to improve their ergonomics while making the transition to a work-at-home environment while access to the office is not available. Do your back a favor and contact Pacific Ergonomics today.
Jerrod H.
Jerrod H.
15:01 06 Jul 20
Pacific Ergonomics provided us with a great solution to our space problems after hiring additional staff. We get compliments regularly about how great our office space looks. Their customer service is top notch too!
Tammy M.
Tammy M.
16:35 01 Jul 20
Service, selection, and price, their the best. We use Pacific Ergonomics for a large portion of our specialized equipment needs. The team is very responsive to questions, pricing quotes and getting you your products!
21:33 30 Jun 20
Pacific Ergonomics has been my first choice for Ergonomic Solutions in the San Diego area for over 10-years. They are a valuable Occupational Health and Safety Business Partner providing ergonomic guidance, service, and equipment. Impressive is the level of customer service and professionalism practiced by their Leadership, Account Managers and Technicians.
M H.
M H.
16:10 25 Jun 20
Pacific Ergonomics helped our company immensely and on a personal level. I contacted Annie to inquire about getting our office workspace more ergo friendly and within a week she was at our office talking with our staff, taking pictures and making recommendations. One of the best purchases I made for the company. Everyone loves their chairs /stations and productivity increased as their comfort level did. The quality is fantastic. The executive sit/stand desk and chairs that are made for how you work are game changers. When you are working long hours and expect high productivity you need to invest in your employees (and yourself!) to make sure the environment matches the expected results. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! - Renee Donaldson, EcoDirect, Inc.
Renee D.
Renee D.
19:23 24 Jun 20
Dan got me setup with standing legs on my stationary desk super quick and made sure I understood how to use it and set it and reset it (or, “Set it and forget it”! 😛). Good price, prompt service — standing legs are probably the best money I’ve spent since the pandemic started. I found them because my work bought all our chairs and some new desks from them. At our office with a couple hundred chairs and at least 50 replacement desks, they were quick and super patient with everyone.
Andy L.
Andy L.
16:55 24 Jun 20
Pacific Ergonomics has been a partner of our large San Diego based biotech company for a number of years. In addition to their long proven track record, what is so amazing about their service is how they continue to excel and consistently go above and beyond! Pacific Ergonomic's customer service is like none other; from interfacing effectively with our employees with professionalism, to delivering various equipment and ergonomic solutions... they always deliver 5 star service. Even during the challenges my company has faced during the covid-19 pandemic, their team has been able to customize their services to meet our unique needs. I can count on their experienced team to ensure my employees are well taken care of!!!
Kylej S.
Kylej S.
21:56 22 Jun 20
Pacific Ergonomics is one of the best vendors I've had the pleasure of working with. They have an impressive selection of equipment (chairs, monitor swing arms, etc.), and their staff are extremely knowledgeable and helpful with meeting specific needs. When it comes to customer service, they have consistently gone above and beyond my expectations, especially during COVID-19. I highly recommend them for their reliability, adaptability, and quick response times!
Everett K.
Everett K.
00:20 10 Jun 20
Pacific Ergonomics provides more than just chairs (they have an excellent selection!). They can help you outfit work stations for a variety of settings from the laboratory to patient care areas. If they don't have something you need let them know and they'll help you find it. They can also assist you after you've purchased a product from them. Their knowledgeable staff provides excellent customer service.
Janice F.
Janice F.
18:39 19 May 20
Great chairs among other quality items and deals.
Paul K.
Paul K.
16:26 09 Oct 19
Very helpful selecting items to help with arm pain
Heidi W.
Heidi W.
23:16 09 Aug 18

Ergonomic Office Furniture and Ergonomic Consulting Categories: 

Sit Stand Desk Options
Modular Furniture in San Diego
Specialty tables and benches
Retrofit Desks to be height adjustable
Consulting and Ergonomic Assessments in San Diego, La, Orange County and Riverside

Employees should feel great working and we are here to help. Pacific Ergonomics is a single source provider of “everything ergonomic” for over 20 years. We partner with our client’s long-term with attentive, customized, fast and knowledgeable support. Regardless if your company  needs a solution for 100 modular workstations, or has a single employee in discomfort that needs a workstation retrofit, we are here to help.  Did you know that 1/3  of all Workers Comp claims are from Musculoskeletal Disorders that often times can be prevented?  The well known benefits of ergonomic solutions are preventing injuries and costly Workers Comp claims, in addition to increasing, morale, productivity and overall well-being.  Call us today to explore how we can help with your goals.

Our San Diego Ergonomic Office Furniture and Consulting Assessment Services Include:

  • Full service ergonomic office equipment and workspace consulting
  • Ergonomic solutions for offices, home offices, healthcare, industrial, hospitality, and laboratory environments
  • Certified ergonomists with 6 to 20 years of experience
  • Preventative, Back to Work and Workers Compensation ergonomic assessments and virtual evaluations  across the United States.
  • Support to create cost effective recommendations to mitigate all ergonomic risks and potential injuries
  • Customized training and ergonomic program development by Certified Ergonomists
  • Professional installation and delivery services in San Diego, Southern California and many parts of California 
  • Helping companies comply with the California 5110 Repetitive Motion Standard  that instructs companies to implement programs that minimize repetitive motion injuries (RMI) caused by a repetitive job, process or operation.
  • Private portal product catalogs for our clients

Our Ergonomic Office Chairs in and Workspace Solutions in San Diego California Include:

  • The best ergonomic office chairs that are top quality, reduce risk, and affordable
  • Height adjustable desks, bases and tops
  • Ergonomic keyboards, mice, keyboard trays and monitor arms
  • A full selection of ergonomic accessories for all types of workstations
  • Design and installation of collaborative furniture and custom office workstations
  • Consultants who can help ensure cost savings and quality equipment are procured

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