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Did You Know How Ergonomics Affects Productivity, Injuries and Moralle?

Incorrect ergonomic workstations cost companies 15 billion yearly in Workers Comp claims (OSHA)

40% of U.S. workers experience chronic pain in the workplace, often preventable.

64% of people in pain report that there job is not rewarding

Ergonomic interventions increase productivity by 17.7 percent

People in pain miss an average of 28.5 days of work yearly

Office Furniture and Lab Furniture Industries Served

Custom Ergonomic Solutions


Commercial sit stand desks and ergonomic chairs


Home office ergonomic sit stand desks, and ergonomic chairs

Home Office

Industrial ergonomic assessments and consulting


Lab stools, lab benching and lab ergonomic assessments


Healthcare ergonomic solutions including ergonomic assessments, carts and height adjustable tables


Retail ergonomic solutions


House cleaning ergonomic assessments and consulting


Dental ergonomic assessments and consulting


Small women owned ergonomic products and consulting


Police ergonomic chairs

Police & Public

Office furniture and ergonomic assessments for education


An Office and Lab Furniture Dealer in San Diego Specializing in Creating Intentional Designs and Space Planning for Healthy Function and Attractive Form.

Top Rated Ergonomic San Diego Office Furniture Dealer:  

Pacific Ergonomics is the premier, top rated ergonomic San Diego office furniture dealer. Our team seeks to understand our client’s San Diego office furniture goals, and then provides solutions that have a substantial effect on the employees and the employer. We specialize in understanding our client’s challenges and then helping them solve them with creative ideas and solutions.  As a full-service San Diego office furniture dealer we serve all of San Diego, Riverside, Orange County and Los Angles. We provide white-glove services including commercial office furniture design support, idea development, program management, ergonomic consulting, value add services, custom design services, ergonomic chair fitting services, procurement, installation, and delivery services.

Examples of our San Diego office furniture solutions include modular office furniture, benching, open office furniture, conference tables in San Diego, conference chairs, collaboration furniture, private offices, height adjustable receptionist office furniture, executive sit stand office furniture, ergonomic chairs, sit stand desks, and modular glass walls.

Office Furniture in San Diego Designed for “Function and Form”

As a full solution San Diego office furniture boutique, we represent over 50 suppliers with expertise in creating attractive and healthy spaces. Our design team can help with all aspects of the design from space planning, creating a CAD floor plan, developing design options and providing specific product solutions that achieve our client’s goals.

Specialty Office Furniture and Laboratory Furniture Solutions that are Ergonomic and Increase Productivity

New laboratories in San Diego need quality office furniture and lab furniture that is well priced, is attractive and will help their team thrive.  Our design team is a one stop source for both business office furniture and lab furniture. Pacific Ergonomics is San Diego laboratory furniture dealer that  provides ergonomic solutions such as sit stand lab benching, height-adjustable furniture, lab casework, anti-vibration benching,  and modular benching for labs, and specialty ergonomic laboratory chairs and stools. If you need a single source provider to help provide both office furniture and lab, call Pacific Ergonomics for a free consultation.

San Diego Ergonomic Office Assessments, Training and Ergonomic Consulting:

Our ergonomic consulting arm provides ergonomic assessment services in San Diego or offices, industrial, and laboratories. We also provide virtual ergonomic assessment services worldwide. We also provide industrial ergonomic consulting all over the United States and laboratory ergonomic consulting.

Since we are also an office furniture dealer, we bring our expertise with ergonomics and knowledge of San Diego office furniture together to help employees be healthy and productive working. Our work is important in helping employees be happy, healthy, and most productive. After all, employees are a company’s #1 asset. Subsequently, if employees are in pain they will not work as hard, be as healthy, or be as happy long term. We can help make a significant impact on the health, wellbeing, and productivity of your employees.

Serving Areas:

Pacific Ergonomics provides commercial design support, procurement, storage, and installation services to counties of: San Diego, Santa Barbara, Riverside, Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Information: United States Department of Labor Purchasing Guide for Office Furniture 

Ergonomic Consulting and Assessment Service Areas:

  • Industrial ergonomic consulting all over the United States
  • Laboratory ergonomic consulting in Southern California
  • Office ergonomic consulting in Southern California
  • Virtual ergonomic consulting and ergonomic assessments all over the United States with a global reach.

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